About Me

I am just an avid fangirling reader with an eclectic reading habit. This is my place to review books that could range from Children's books to Paranormal Romance and Biographies. A place for me to promote the books I have come to love and the authors behind them. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will find a home here in this comfy little place of mine.

Other Tidbits you might like to know:

 ~ I am an Army wife, and can't imagine things any other way.
 ~ I am a mother to two beautiful children, one who is on the autism spectrum so I am naturally an autism advocate.  
 ~ I am a bit of a perfectionist, although I mess up all the time.
 ~ I have an odd obsession with cows, particularly Highland Coos.

And because I think she said it so wonderfully, and I hate talking about myself, my dear friend Tina will sum this all up: ~You bake, drink beer, home-school 2 awesome little girls, have 2 rescue dogs, run when not injured, Irish dancer, Ren fest fanatic, corset lover and above all brilliant mum and fab friend.

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