Review Policy

*Please note that I am not currently accepting reviews at this time.  Thank you for your understanding*

Hello there and welcome to my little nook in this crazy book world.  Just to give you a bit of information about my belief on reviews, my review system, and my current policy for review requests.  

I am simply a lover of books I receive no compensation for my reviews (much to my husband's chagrin *winks*), each review is simply My Opinion and I recognize that it may not be similar to yours, oh how boring life would be if we all agreed.   While I will like many books, there are bound to be a few that will cross my hands or Kindle that leave me cold.  Please understand it will never be my policy here to malign anyone, it may simply just be that the book was not for me.  I will be honest in my reviews, I am not here to push my preferences on you.  My goal is to engage readers and promote the act of reading in everyone.

Please take note that the name of my blog is READS ALL THE BOOKS.  I love books from all genres, so you will find that one day I may review a Children's book and the next I review Paranormal Romance.  Please pay attention to what I put as the books genre and also what age I believe is appropriate for the book in each review.  

My ratings will be based on a number scale from 1-5, 
5 Stars This is a must-read in my opinion, go get it and get ready to hear me go on and on!
4 Stars:  I loooved it almost as much as I love my tea, you'll be hearing about this one!
3 Stars:  I really enjoyed this, it was a good read and I recommend you pick it up if inclined.
2 Stars  Meh, not my thing, but it might be yours...check other reviews before you decide.
1 Star:  This is pretty much a Did Not Finish (DNF), it doesn't happen often but it does happen.

Also, Note that I will put an age recommendation on each book.  This is STRICTLY my opinion, but I think it is important to note.  I have found that even with-in each genre there is a wide range in what is appropriate for each age.  I might review a book that is simply a YA, but according to The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association, that age range is from 12-18.  That's a pretty big span and there are many things an 18-year-old can handle that a 12-year-old can't.  Now, please keep in mind these are wholly MY OPINIONS, your 12-year-old may be as mature as some 18-year-olds but that is not always the case. 

Review Requests, I am, not to be puny, (okay, maybe to be) an open book.  There are genres that I prefer and clearly, I am not your girl if you want to have a physics textbook reviewed, but for now, I am willing to explore the possibilities.  Keep in mind this is very likely going to change as I grow along with my little blog here, so if one day I say no thank you please don't take it personally. 

As a book reviewer please keep in mind that I need time.  I need time to read the book, I need time to create or even set up an HTML provided post.  Please allow for NO LESS than 2 weeks for me to read a book and if you are providing content please send it to me NO LESS than 48 hours in advance. These are of course the bare minimums and if possible more time is ALWAYS appreciated.  

Thank you!


  1. Sounds more than fair. Thank you for this. :-)

  2. Sounds good to me. I'm thrilled to discover a true reader. Louise

  3. I have a book being released in three weeks from today. Can I send you an advanced reader copy directly or should I wait until the release date to submit it?

  4. Just wanted to ask if you accept indie self published books. If so are you accepting books at this time. I would like to send you my latest "The Flash Point Project" thx Robert

  5. It was a joy reading your blog!! Was wondering if you could read my book Noah True Love Never Dies. It's free on Kindle! Figured that would make it easier for reviewers to access the book. Thanking you in advance. I agree with your husband. Reviewers should be paid! It's a service.

  6. Hey,
    Your blog is amazing,i loved the way you expressed your thoughts in your blog.
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    1. My email
      Hoping for a positive response :)

  7. Hello,
    I recently released the first two volumes of my ongoing poetry series Strange Diary Days. Each contains about 25 poems crafted in a neo-classic and lyrical style. If you are interested, I'm happy to provide free PDFs of 1 or both volumes and can also rpovide epub or mobi upon request.

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    Blake Edwards

  8. Thanks for your time. I hope you'll consider my book, The Sky Fall Conspiracy. I guess if I can't convince you with my blurb then it's not for you, so here we go.
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  9. Hi there!

    I hope you'll consider reading and reviewing my first novel, Cold Civil War. It's a work of contemporary fiction set in the present day. Below is a synopsis. Thank you very much for your consideration and please email me at for a copy and with any questions. Thank you!!

    Meet James Edwards, an aspiring author. Although he has a good home and a good family, James is at a crossroads, disillusioned, angry, and unsatisfied with his life. In recent months, his passed away, his girlfriend left him, and his dead-end job has gotten worse, exacerbated by the treatment of his tyrannical boss. At the same time, James, for years, has aspired to write a novel about America, as he is constantly challenged and confused by modern American society, especially its long-standing cultural and political divide.

    Finally, at age 28, James, who for so long has held himself back from accomplishing anything in life, decides to make a radical change. He leaves his job and leaves home for a life out on the road, seeking inspiration for his novel, especially its sights, its people, and its dynamics. However, what begins as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and inspiration soon turns into much more than be bargained for. After encountering a group of racist, misogynistic men in Chicago, he confronts them in a tirade that, unbeknownst to him, is caught on camera. Days later, James discovers that his rant has gone viral, generating thousands of internet views and turning him into a celebrity.

    As his journey continues, his fame grows with each additional view, and he learns harsh truths about humanity and America that cause him to question himself and the country he loves, especially the intentions of its people. A chain of events post-Chicago leads James into decisions that inspire, anger, and challenge a troubled country and himself. Ultimately, James will make a decision and commit an act that not only will change his life forever, but may live in infamy in American culture.

  10. Hi,
    I am relaunching my Christian Children's book and am looking for honest reviews. I am going to publish my second Christian Children's book hopefully by Christmas. I have attached a link to the book which is on Amazon. If you are interested, I will gladly gift a kindle copy or paperback to you.

    Peli is a Christian Children's Book about a Pelican that was born different from the others, but was given a special gift by the Lord to help others. It is a story of unselfish acts and doing good works. Peli puts his own safety aside to help others in need.

    If you have any questions, my email is

    Thanks for your time as I know it is valuable.

    Have a blessed day,

    Tammy Domingue

  11. Hi

    I came across your blog through Kindle Book Review Top Reviewers . My 4th novel is a semi finalist in the YA category. I write YA Coming-Of-Age, Biographical and Speculative Fiction.

    I would love to present any of my 4 books for possible review. 

    Feel free to pick whichever you may prefer from the selections below. I'm happy to send through a PDF of the full novel upon request. Thanks in advance. I hope to hear from you soon.

    BEYOND THE SPIRAL GATES: The gripping complete story of Wickfields School For Criminal Children, through the eyes of one boy.


    Praise for the book:

    "Fast-paced and gripping narrative! A significant and fresh coming-of-age story!" --- Damien Black (New Apple Book Awards Official Selection Author)


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    2. THE GHOST YEARS: A young man's immersive, harrowing journey through homelessness and addiction with unexpected twists.


    "A lovingly crafted tale of damnation and redemption! Poetic and beautiful...a book that you cannot put down!" --- Editor's Pick Publication Review

    "This is the work of a sensitive poet who molds language as though on a potter's wheel that results in unspeakably beautiful art. Highly Recommended!"--- San Francisco Review Of Books

    "Exceptionally well absolutely unputdownable book! In a field crowded with disappointing books what a pleasure it was to read The Ghost Years."--- Emerald Book Reviews
    3. WHERE WILDFIRES GLOW: When a twelve year old boy is discovered living in the unforgiving Baybrook woodlands, there are many questions that need answering. After the boy is taken into custody, nothing can prepare the local state trooper for what he is about to learn.
    Where Wildfires Glow is that boy's unforgettable story! REVIEW: WhereWildfires Glow is a beautiful nightmare that reveals a child's resiliency, exposes the horrors of childhood trauma, and provides a thought-provoking look at healing the soul all in one dose." --- Manhattan Book Review

    4. THE MELANCHOLY HISTORY OF MAYFLY: Born with a rare, unusual gift...sentenced to death...confined to a dungeon...persuaded by a priest to write! His powerful story, in his own powerful words! A devastating, immersive and unforgettable insight into the mind of a young man, days before his execution.REVIEW: This is much more than a supernatural story but more one of human relationships and the power that self-doubt can have on your perception of reality. There are such heartwarming passages throughout the story. The twist at the end was a superb example of great storytelling! --- Readers' Favourite.

    The Melancholy History Of Mayfly - Kindle edition by Mutch Katsonga. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

    The Melancholy History Of Mayfly - Kindle edition by Mutch Katsonga. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Melancholy History Of Mayfly.

  12. Hello. In 2019 I published "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt", a collection of stories about the late humor columnist.

    It is available as a free eBook for KindleUnlimited members:

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  15. Hey, my debut book of genre romance was published few months back, I want my book to be reviewed. How is this possible?

  16. Hello,
    I would love to share my book, In-Laws and All: A Survival Guide, with you and receive your feedback and review.
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  17. Hi
    I'd love for you to review my debut novel, Hack (details below). It sounds like this might be a long shot, given how busy you are, but I thought I may as well ask!
    I plan to publish in early September, on Amazon. The cover will be available from late August.
    A little of me. I have been a journalist since 1987, and freelance since 2005. I live in West London.
    Sean Ashcroft

    Title: Hack
    Genre: Satire / crime
    Author SGM Ashcroft
    Download: (mobi/ePub) (PDF)


    Portsmouth, England. Early 90s.

    Reckless Llew Sabler is a newspaper journalist like no other.

    'You're meant to write the news, not bloody well make it,' blasts his long-suffering editor, after Llew's unique approach to newsgathering sparks yet more controversy.

    As Llew lurches from folly to misdeed, he ends up being charged with defecating on an altar, in a bid to generate some red-hot fake news.

    Now a public hate figure, he does what anyone would in the circumstances: he agrees to stash a truckload of stolen porn in his cellar, and goes on to help a local crook run a mail-order porn business.

    With his trial – and a jail term – looming, a repentant Llew prepares for his life to be flushed down the pan.

    But he makes a dangerous discovery amid the porn, and is faced with a death-or-glory shot at redemption …

  18. Hi Reads All the Books,
    My historical,mystery/thriller novel has just been released.
    Strange Karma, is a mystery/ thriller set in two eras: 1920s England and Tibet, and the present-day Himalayan mountains.
    Mountain climber Cynthia Graham learns, to her peril, that some inheritances can trigger a deadly avalanche of events that reverberate through time. She finds, in her deceased grandmother's desk, a secret compartment with a red diamond, the world's rarest gem, along with a batch of her great grandfather, Andrew Irvine's, 1924 Mount Everest expedition letters, which tell of a homicidal Sherpa, a murdered Buddhist monk, and the existence of a missing twin to her red diamond. Intrigued, she travels to Nepal and, guided by ex-Gurkha soldier Dorje, attempts to solve the mystery. But, when multiple attempts are made on her life, she realizes that some secrets should remain forever buried.
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  19. Hello Malissa,

    Since horror is listed as a genre you're willing to read, I was wondering how to get a copy of David Allen Voyle's Tales from the Hearse: Thirteen Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror. What format do you prefer? Do you purchase the books, or would you require a free/ARC copy to review? I can be contacted at mackenzielittledalewrites at gmail dotcom or by DM on twitter @mackenzielitt13. Be well and stay safe.

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