Review Policy

Hello there and welcome to my little nook in this crazy book world.  Just to give you a bit of information about my belief on reviews, my review system, and my current policy for review requests.  

I am simply a lover of books I receive  no compensation for my reviews (much to my husbands chagrin *winks*), each review is simply My Opinion and I recognize that it may not be similar to yours, oh how boring life would be if we all agreed.   While I will like many books, there are bound to be a few that will cross my hands or Kindle that leave me cold.  Please understand it will never be my policy here to malign any one, it may simply just be that the book was not for me.  I will be honest in my reviews, I am not here to push my preferences on you.  My goal is to engage readers and promote the act of reading in everyone.

Please take note that the name of my blog is READS ALL THE BOOKS.  I love books from all genres, so you will find that one day I may review a Children's book and the next I review Paranormal Romance.  Please pay attention to what I put as the books genre and also what age I believe is appropriate for the book in each review.  

My ratings will be based on a number scale from 1-5, 
5 Stars This is a must read in my opinion, go get it and get ready to hear me go on and on!
4 Stars:  I loooved it almost as much as I love me tea, you'll be hearing about this one!
3 Stars:  I really enjoyed this, it was a good read and I recommend you pick it up if inclined.
2 Stars  Meh, not my thing, but it might be yours...check other reviews before you decide.
1 Stars:  This is pretty much a Did Not Finish (DNF), it doesn't happen often but it does happen.

Also, Note that I will put an age recommendation on each book.  This is STRICTLY my opinion, but I think it is important to note.  I have found that even with-in each genre there is a wide range in what is appropriate for each age.  I might review a book that is simply a YA, but according to The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association, that age range is from 12-18.  That's a pretty big span and there are many things an 18 year old can handle that a 12 year old can't.  Now, please keep in mind these are wholly MY OPINIONS, your 12 year old may be as mature as some 18 year olds but that is not always the case. 

Review Requests, I am, not to be puny, (okay, maybe to be) an open book.  There are genre's that I prefer and clearly I am not your girl if you want to have a physics text book reviewed, but for now I am willing to explore the possibilities.  Keep in mind this is very likely going to change as I grow along with my little blog here, so if one day I say no thank you please don't take it personally. 

As a book reviewer please keep in mind that I need time.  I need time to read the book, I need time to create or even set up an HTML provided post.  Please allow for NO LESS than 2 weeks for me to read a book and if you are providing content please send it to me NO LESS than 48 hours in advance. These are of course the bare minimums and if possible more time is ALWAYS appreciated.  

Thank you!


  1. Sounds more than fair. Thank you for this. :-)

  2. Sounds good to me. I'm thrilled to discover a true reader. Louise

  3. I have a book being released in three weeks from today. Can I send you an advanced reader copy directly or should I wait until the release date to submit it?

  4. Just wanted to ask if you accept indie self published books. If so are you accepting books at this time. I would like to send you my latest "The Flash Point Project" thx Robert

  5. It was a joy reading your blog!! Was wondering if you could read my book Noah True Love Never Dies. It's free on Kindle! Figured that would make it easier for reviewers to access the book. Thanking you in advance. I agree with your husband. Reviewers should be paid! It's a service.

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