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Bare by Sarah Robinson - Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Today we have the gorgeous cover reveal for Sarah Robinson’s BARE! 

And, because Sarah is amazing, she’s running a sale on NUDES, the first book in her EXPOSED series! 

Grab it today and preorder BARE before the February release!


PREORDER BARE (Exclusively at iBooks): 

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Author: Sarah Robinson
Series: Exposed, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Standalone
Release Date: Feb. 27, 2018

Book Description:

  Following the popular series debut—NUDES was praised as “passionate, emotional and uplifting” by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely—contemporary romance author Sarah Robinson weaves a new standalone story where a second chance at romance is found on a Hollywood film set and secrets always have a way of being…exposed.   Reed Scott is the hottest actor in LA… 

 Being a Hollywood heartthrob has its perks, and I’ve damn sure enjoyed every one of them, both on and off the silver screen. The tabloids loved every second of exploiting my privacy, chronicling my mistakes in ink for the whole world to see. Accepting the lead role in a romantic dance film was guaranteed to make me a box office hit and help me rewrite my image, until the choreographer hired to train me turned out to be the only woman I’d ever loved and lost.   As beautiful and enticing as ever, Tegan walks in and reminds me of the worst mistake I’ve ever made. She should hate me, and now she has the power to destroy everything I am.   

Tegan Reynolds is picking up the pieces…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…never going to happen. I fell in love with Reed Scott once and it nearly killed me—literally. The last thing I want to do now is teach him how to dance, but I need this job and there’s no way I’m letting him take yet another thing away from me.   Reed is in my world now, and this time we’re dancing by my rules.    


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Book Description:

About Nudes: Praised by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely, as "Passionate, emotional and uplifting!", contemporary romance author Sarah Robinson brings readers a new standalone novel set in the glamorous hills of Hollywood and tackling challenging themes like the intersection of sexuality and female empowerment.  Ben Lawson is making a comeback...  

After a few tabloid headlines, they think they know me. They don't know a damn thing. As CEO of a movie production company, I'll show them who I really am when we hit it big at the box office. My ex thought her smear tactics would ruin me, but I'm unbreakable. Rising from the debris, I swore I'd never let a woman distract me like that again. But then, my leading actress walked on the set and changed everything. Seductive, sexy, and unapologetic, Aria Rose could break me. I wanted to help her, protect her. Instead, I destroyed her. 

Aria Rose is baring it all....  

I knew better. I knew not to trust another Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation like his. He was my boss and became my ruin. I should have stayed far away from him. Ben Lawson promised me the world. He even promised me his heart. But he destroyed everything--my heart, my career, us.    

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About the Author:

Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes & Noble and Amazon Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in forensic and clinical psychology. She is newly married to a wonderful man who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters. Subscribe to her newsletter at Visit the author's website for more information about Sarah and her books:  

Website ~ Newsletter ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram 

Bountiful by Sarina Bowen - Cover Reveal

I am so excited to help share the cover for the 4th boon in Sarina Bowen's True North series.

True North releases 20 October!

Book Description:

No last names. No life stories. Those were the rules.

Once upon a time a cocky, copper-haired tourist sauntered into Zara’s bar. And even though she knew better, Zara indulged in a cure for the small-town blues. It was supposed to be an uncomplicated fling—a few sizzling weeks before he went back to his life, and she moved on.

Until an accidental pregnancy changed her life.

Two years later, she’s made peace with the notion that Dave No-Last-Name will never be found. Until one summer day when he walks into her coffee shop, leveling her with the same hot smile that always renders her defenseless.

Dave Beringer has never forgotten the intense month he spent with prickly Zara. Their nights together were the first true intimacy he’d ever experienced. But the discovery of his child is the shock of a lifetime, and his ugly past puts relationships and family out of reach.

Or does it? Vermont’s countryside has a way of nurturing even tortured souls. The fields and the orchards—and hard won love—are Bountiful.

Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont's Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.

In 2016, Sarina became a Rita Award winner! The Romance Writers of America honored HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy with Best Contemporary Romance, Mid-Length.

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Miss Fix-It by Emma Hart - Cover Reveal



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Book Description:

One handywoman.

One single dad.

One set of twins.

And the wall isn’t the only thing being drilled…

 I learned the hard way that being a handywoman isn’t easy. The questions, the stares—the assumption I’m the proud owner of a cock and balls. Not that it matters. I’ve proven over and over that I’m ready for anything the judgmental asses throw at me.

Except the hot, single dad of twins who just moved to town.

Brantley Cooper gets the shock of his life when I show up on his doorstep to fix up his kids’ new rooms. His son is confused why ‘the pretty lady has a drill,’ and his daughter has a new obsession—me.

On paper, my job is easy. Go in, do their bedrooms, and leave.

In theory, I’m spending eight hours a day with a guarded, sexy as hell guy, and I’m staying for dinner more often than I’m eating it alone, on my couch, with Friends re-runs.

I shouldn’t be staying for dinner. I shouldn’t be helping him out with the twins. I shouldn’t be falling in love with tiny toes and dimpled cheeks.

And I most definitely should not be kissing my client.





emma By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies—usually wine—and writes books. Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love. She likes to be busy—unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.



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His Hand-Me-Down Countess by Sorcha Mowbray - Review and Excerpt

Today I am helping celebrate the release of 


the first book in the Lustful Lords series by Sorcha Mowbray. This book is a historical romance title from Jack's House Publishing. Check out the links for the book below.


KindleUS ~ iBooks ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Google ~

Author: Sorcha Mowbray
Publication Date:  20 September 2017
Publisher: Jack's House Publishing
Series:  The Lustful Lords, book 1
Genre:  Historical Romance, BDSM
Age Recommendation:  18 and up
Rating: 5 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

His brother's untimely death leaves him with an Earldom and a fiancée. Too bad he wants neither of them...

 Theodora Lawton has no need of a husband. As an independent woman, she wants to own property, make investments and be the master of her destiny. Unfortunately, her father signed her life away in a marriage contract to the future Earl of Stonemere. But then the cad upped and died, leaving her fate in the hands of his brother, one of the renowned Lustful Lords. Achilles Denton, the Earl of Stonemere, is far more prepared to be a soldier than a peer. Deeply scarred by his last tour of duty, he knows he will never be a proper, upstanding pillar of the empire. Balanced on the edge of madness, he finds respite by keeping a tight rein on his life, both in and out of the bedroom. His brother’s death has left him with responsibilities he never wanted and isn’t prepared to handle in the respectable manner expected of a peer. Further complicating his new life is an unwanted fiancée who comes with his equally unwanted title. Saddled with a hand-me-down countess, he soon discovers the woman is a force unto herself. As he grapples with the burden of his new responsibilities, he discovers someone wants him dead. The question is, can he stay alive long enough to figure out who’s trying to kill him while he tries to tame his headstrong wife? 


My Review:

This is not your mother's historical romance.  His Hand-Me-Down Countess has all the things you love about historical romances, history, the ton, London, gowns,  etiquette so fastidious you want to throttle people over it, Lords and Ladies, intrigue, burning romances, moody alphas, determined heroines, but this one has something a little hotter...a bit of BDSM thrown in the mix.

I fell in love with this series basically right from the first page, I will admit going into it I didn't realize it would be a little hotter than the normal historical romance I picked up but darned if I was not happy to get that little bit of extra, this book is steamy and it's interesting to see how the Lords make this side of their personalities work for them, more importantly their ladies.

I will say that I had not read anything by Sorcha before and apparently this series is a spin-off from another series, The Market and while you won't be lost if you pick this one up having never read the other I found a few times I was wondering about somethings that (particularly relationships) that must have occurred in the Market series.

That aside I fell for this book and fell hard.  I felt an immediate kinship with Theo and Stonemere had my heart swooning every other page.  I loved the intrigue and mystery, though I will say that it is fairly evident early on who is at fault for all the misdeeds, of course I am not sure the author was completely trying to hide it.  I loved how the characters themselves discovered the treachery and how they handled it.  I loved that the steamy scenes blended so well into the story so as not to truly take away from what was going on around the couple, which is a heck of a lot!  I loved the way Theo works the system to not only make London a better place but also to fulfill herself.  I loved the banter and he friendships. I loved the secondary characters and the character development, especially when it came to Stonemere and him working through what we of course now know is PTSD.  My hear broke for him over and over but I loved that together with Theo he was able to find peace.

All in all I was completely lost in this book, it is a book that you won't want to put down making it a fairly quick read.  I can't wait for the next book in the Lustful Lords series and you can bet I am going back to start The Market series now.



London, May 1860
Stone heard the butler intone his name and title loudly enough for all of London to hear, let alone the population of the Devonses’ ballroom. Had anyone suggested three years ago he would bear the family title, Earl of Stonemere, never mind be contemplating his future nuptials, he would certainly have laughed. True, he never actually laughed anymore, but he certainly would have found such a claim incredulous.
It was no longer an amusing matter.
Having survived the receiving line, he eased through the crowded ballroom. Every few feet, he stopped to speak with one acquaintance or another. Not so long ago, these same people would have been running for the hills and hiding their daughters. But fate, a fickle mistress to say the least, had other plans.
Moving with a quickness born of desperation, he barely acknowledged the next three men as the heat from the crowd paired with the stench of perfumes and body odor to choke him. After his service in India, crowded entertainments such as a ball had grown difficult to endure. The press of bodies and the loud murmur of conversation punctuated by the occasional shrill laugh smothered him, too similar to the roar of battle and the cries of the dying.
Moving past a swarm of silk skirts, he spotted a dark, hidden alcove, an oasis from the overwhelming onslaught, both real and imagined. If he could shut it down quickly enough, he wouldn’t embarrass himself. If he failed, all of London would learn just how broken he was.
He was an earl. Not a soldier. Never again a soldier.
Once the cool darkness enveloped him, he opened his mouth and drew a breath. His pounding pulse eased as the vise around his chest released and his damp skin dried. After another quarter hour spent tucked away, he believed he could manage the crowd long enough to find his betrothed.
As any good officer would, he had a strategy. Find her, claim his dances, and then await each one either on the balcony or on the dance floor, if required. Even the cardrooms at these soirees bordered on disabling.
He reached for the drapes to his hideaway, but hesitated as two women tittered in the immediate vicinity.
“Why, Gladys, I heard his name announced earlier. I’m certain Matilda invited Stonemere despite all the gossip.”
“I simply cannot imagine what she was thinking,” the one called Gladys said.
“Can’t you? Having one of the Lustful Lords in attendance at your ball? I daresay everyone who is anyone will wish to be able to say they were here. It’s all so deliciously scandalous and yet possible now the unmitigated rake is off the market.” Gladys’s friend sighed with a bit more drama than anyone in their right mind or otherwise would deem necessary.
“Well, one should hope that man can contain himself what with all these poor young virgins parading around. It would serve Matilda right if he debauched each and every one of them while here under her auspices.”
“Oh, do be sensible, Gladys. He could perhaps ruin four or five in one night, but all of them?”
Past ready to find his fiancée and escape his hidey-hole, he stepped out next to the ladies in question, turned to them, and bowed over each of their hands. The shock on their faces far outweighed any notion of good manners on his part. “Why, ladies, you both give me far more credit than I deserve. Even in my heyday of debauchery, I could only service three ladies in a single evening.”
As the two ladies sputtered, he departed their corner. The temptation to turn and wink at the gossipers won out, which caused another round of tittering and sputtering from behind him. Of course, he was well aware of what proper Society called himself and his friends. But the Marquess of Flintshire, Earl of Brougham, Baron Lincolnshire, and Viscount Wolfington—as well as himself—held little regard for polite society. Each of them had learned the hard way that they had no place amongst their peers.



Sorcha Mowbray is a mild mannered office worker by day…okay, so she is actually a mouthy, opinionated, take charge kind of gal who bosses everyone around; but she definitely works in an office. At night she writes romance so hot she sets the sheets on fire! Just ask her slightly singed husband.
She is a longtime lover of historical romance, having grown up reading Johanna Lindsey and Judith McNaught. Then she discovered Thea Devine and Susan Johnson. Holy cow! Heroes and heroines could do THAT? From there, things devolved into trying her hand at writing a little smexy. Needless to say, she liked it and she hopes you do too!
For more information about Sorcha, please visit her website, “Like” Sorcha on Facebook and follow her on TwitterInstagram and Goodreads. Join Sorcha’s newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming releases. She loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter | Goodreads

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Brave by JenniferL. Armentrout -Cover Reveal, Virtual Signing Info, and GIVEAWAY

I am excited to help share the cover of Brave, the third and final book in Jennifer L. Armentrout's Wicked trilogy.  
Wicked releases on December 11th, 2017.  Check it out below and don't forget to enter the giveaway!  

Book Description:

Ivy Morgan hasn't been feeling like herself lately. Not like anyone can blame her. After all, being held captive by a psychotic fae prince hell-bent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld is bound to leave some mental scars.

It’s more than that, though. Something dark and insidious is spreading throughout Ivy, more powerful than she could ever imagine... and it’s coming between her and the man she’s fallen deeply in love with, elite Order member Ren Owens.

Ren would do anything to keep Ivy safe. Anything. But when he makes a life altering choice for her, the fallout of his act has far reaching consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart.

If Ivy is going to have any hope of surviving this, she must put aside the hurt and betrayal she feels, and work with not only those she loves, but with an enemy she would rather kill than ever trust. War is coming, and it soon becomes clear that what Ivy and Ren thought they knew about the Order, themselves, and even their enemies, has been nothing but a cluster of dangerous, deadly lies. Ivy knows she must be more than just brave to save those she loves--and, ultimately, to save herself.

Because behind ever evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen…

To celebrate the upcoming release of BRAVE (book 3 in the Wicked Saga), Jennifer is offering an exclusive virtual signing! Through this virtual signing, you will be able to order SIGNED & PERSONALIZED copies of WICKED, TORN, and BRAVE!

And best of all -- This is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!  

Click the link below to get more information or to submit an order. :-)

- Virtual Signing opens 9/21/17 at 11AM ET

- Virtual Signing ends 11/17/17

- Open Internationally


(containing multiple signed books & swag) 
ENDS 10/2/17


# 1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. She spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

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Destiny Disgraced by Carrie Ann Ryan - Review

DESTINY DISGRACED is available now - pick up your copy today!

GoodReads ~ Amazon ~ iBooks  ~

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Publication Date:  12 September 2017
Publisher: Pink Ink Books
Series:  Talon Pack, book 6
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Age Recommendation: 18 and up
Rating: 4 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

The Talon Pack continues with a new twist to the Packs and a revelation no one was prepared for.
Mitchell Brentwood is aware that others think he’s the harsh taskmaster Beta trying to keep his Pack alive, but they only see what he wants them to know. He’d once thought he had his path laid out before him, but when his future was violently ripped away, he vowed he’d never let anyone close again—especially not a young wolf from a traitorous Pack.
Dawn Levin may be younger than the war that destroyed her people, but she knows she must still pay for their sins. She’s ready to find her way in this new world where wolves and humans blend as one, but first, she needs to fight her attraction to the dark wolf that stands in her way.
While the two struggle with their feelings and burning attraction for each other, they can’t ignore the world that shakes beneath their feet. There is a new enemy on the horizon, one with revenge and the unknown on their minds. An adversary that might be closer than they realize.


My Review:

I am finding myself falling back in love with the Talon Pack.  A few books back I started to think that things felt stagnant and maybe that Carrie Ann Ryan was trying to refresh the series by taking it in a direction that just took away from the original feel of the series but now that feeling is back and I couldn't be any happier.  

I loved the bit of creepy feel that Carrie Ann added to this story.  The antagonist of this story is all sorts of f'd up.  Just when you think that the packs are going to be able to settle down within the packs and with the human society a threat comes from 'one of their own' and the packs are given a huge shock when a secret comes to light.  

Mitchell has always been a character that I found intriguing, to finally learn his backstory, to know how he has suffered through the years and to understand his fears was so satisfying.  Having seen how the pack reacted toward him before Dawn and after made my heart smile.  I love knowing that everyone hung back to give him his space with out understanding the reason behind it but once he opens his heart to Dawn he opens his heart to the entire pack and they come to him willingly.  No doubt he is always going to be a bad arse but with Dawn by his side he can be a bard arse with a heart of gold.  

I loved Dawn and how she fought for her pack, how she loves her family, and how she opens herself up to her human friends.  Her romance with Mitchell is one of those quiet type romances full of passion and love but one that builds (even once they know they are mates) slowly.  

Destiny Disgraced is full of twists and turns, the romance is still hot as you would expect in a Carrie Ann Ryan book but it honestly isn't at the forefront of the story.  This story revolves more around the surprises we learn and the growth of the packs, but I never once felt like I was missing anything.  I loved the action as as much as I loved the romance.  I am so excited about the new characters, especially our next couple...I can't figure out where Carrie Ann is going with that one and I know it is going to be beautiful story.  

If you are a fan of the Talon Pack you will not want to miss this story.  If you have never read the Talon Pack or Redwood Pack series this is actually one I think you could pick up and start with.  It is just enough different from the other books that you won't be missing anything, the story line is pretty much new so you won't be lost.  As always I suggest reading from book one if you can but at least here you can go in and understand what is going on, I guarantee you will likely want to go back and read the others later, but this is a good book to cut your teeth on so to speak. Destiny Disgraced is another great addition to this series and I truly can not wait for more, there are so many great couples to come!  


Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ 

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The Adventurers Guild by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos - A Mom Monday Review


GoodReads ~ Amazon ~ Barnes&Noble ~

Author:  Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos
Publication Date:  3 October 2017
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Series:  The Adventurers Guild, book 1
Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy
Age Recommendation: 8 and Up
Rating: 5 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

In one of the last cities standing after the world fell to monsters, best friends Zed Kagari and Brock Dunderfel have high hopes for the future. Zed desperately wishes to join the ranks of the Mages Guild, where his status as Freestone's only half elf might finally be an asset. Brock, the roguishly handsome son of merchants, is confident he'll be welcomed into the ranks of the Merchants Guild.

But just as it seems the boys' dreams have come true, their lives take a startling turn . . . and they find themselves members of the perilous Adventurers Guild.

Led by the fearsome Alabasel Frond, the guild acts as the last line of defense against the Dangers-hungry, unnatural beasts from otherworldly planes. And when the boys uncover a conspiracy that threatens all of Freestone, Zed, Brock, and their new allies-Liza, a fierce noble, and Jett, a brave dwarf-must prove their worth once and for all.

This start of a thrilling new series is sure to be a hit with readers who like their fantasies clever and action-packed, with tons of humor and heart.

My Review:

I lost myself in this book, yes a middle grade fantasy completely consumed me for the 3 hours it took me to read it.  I could not put it down and seriously contemplated calling my girls in from playing with the neighbors so I could read it out loud to them.  When I was done I jumped form my favorite reading chair, shook the book at them and told them both that they had to read it!  

There is so much going on in The Adventurers Guild, monsters, magic, intrigue, suspense, friendship, family, a possible light romance, betrayal, amazing world's all there and though it may sound jam packed it flows beautifully together to tell an amazing story of friendship and courage.  

The Dangers (monsters) gave me all the chills, in fact they reminded my quite a bit of something you may see in a Studio Ghibli film, particularly Spirited Away with No Face. While they can be pretty darn creepy don't let that turn you or your more 'monster sensitive' readers away, there's so much goodness that it out weighs the little bits of scary or the intensity.  

The world building, you 'guys' the world building is fantastic.  I never felt bogged down in the details, never felt lost in the twists and turns.  A picture of the city of Freestone was clear in my mind, the city, the people...they all came alive in my head as I read.  

The characters, Oh how I loved these characters.  I loved that each one of them is fighting against societies rules of who they are supposed to be, I love that we have a mix of friendships with what would be lower, middle, and upper class, boys and girls.  I love that Liza is willing to go against the patriarchy and make her own dreams come true.  I love that Brock for all his faults truly cares about his friends and is discovering that things are not always what they seem.  That he is finding he needs to take a look at the bigger picture and make his own decisions.  I am still not sure where his story will lead him but I have faith he will find his way.  Micah, now he's an interesting character as far as development and I hope the little glimpse we get of him at the end is an indicator of who he might become.  Zed, he is my favorite.  A boy not given many chances in life but the bravest and kindest of them all.  He is not as witty and open as Brock, not as determined or fierce as Liza but he is the heart of the story and a true hero.  Lastly I have to mention Guildmaster Frond, I love her, she is this strange combination of crude, loyal, independent, fierce, and soft.  I can understand the loyalty that is given to her and also the fear that people have of her.  She is an 'unknown' in a way, she's a interesting cross of Mad-Eye Moody, Snape, and Dumbledore and I can't wait to read more about her.  

There is really so much to love about this book, not least of which is the fact that it is plain and simple a read that will take you to a new world and will give you new friends.  I am not done with these characters or this world and I am so glad that the authors aren't either.  The Adventurers Guild ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I am left with a deep yearning to know what happens next, so hurry up guys, I need the next book yesterday, haha!  

This is the perfect read for any Fantasy fan no matter your age!  If you loved The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings you will adore The Adventurers Guild as well!


ZACK LORAN CLARK and NICK ELIOPULOS grew up in Florida and now live in New York. Best friends, they get together to play Dungeons & Dragons every week. Zack fervently hopes that magic is real; Nick desperately hopes that monsters are not. The Adventurers Guild is their first novel.

Zack Loran Clark 

Nick Eliopulos