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THE ROLE by A.B. Wilson - Blog Tour



We are so excited to bring you A.B. Wilson's new Contemporary Romance, THE ROLE

The Role releases August 10th!

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Author: A.B. Wilson
Publication Date:  10 August 2021
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing 
Series: Shellenberg Brothers
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Age Recommendation: 17 and Up
Rating: 4 Stars

Book Description:

Fleeing a flaming dumpster fire of a life in Chicago, ALINA FERROUS moves to Los Angeles to accept a half-assed job offer from the diabolical director of the struggling TV show, Southern Gods. Her official title on the show is assistant producer, but she’s also the director’s widely proclaimed muse. A sexist designation, if ever one existed. It’s been a hard slog, but she finally feels like she’s on track to achieving her filmmaking dream—until she catches the eye of a certain, well-known guest star. While Alina is holding on tightly to her hard-won career, MARKUS SHELLENBERG is in total free fall. After losing a bet with the director of the show, he is forced to take on a small role in Southern Gods. Functional most days, but sinking fast, Markus struggles to overcome creative exhaustion and anxiety exacerbated by his grueling schedule and the painful demise of an eight year relationship. Almost immediately upon arriving on set, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Alina that shocks him with its relative ease and candor. Unfortunately, Alina and Markus’s friendship and impossible-to-hide chemistry doesn’t go unnoticed by the show’s director. In a last ditch effort to save the show, he casts them in leading roles as love interests for the next season. As Markus and Alina prepare to take on new roles, their friendship evolves into something more and the line between reality and the show begins to blur. Before long, a tip from a gossipy co-worker prematurely outs them to the media and they’re forced to take their tentative relationship into the glaring, public spotlight. Markus and Alina play along at first, but the stress of celeb life and being the saviors of the show ratchets up and it becomes heartbreakingly obvious how little they know and trust each other away from the isolated set. When a popular tabloid releases a vicious article depicting Alina as a gold-digging homewrecker, the hastily-built foundation of their relationship disintegrates completely beneath the weight of the narrative’s lies and accusations. With the help of friends and Markus’s irrepressible youngest brother, Ali na and Markus set out to reclaim their narrative from the gossip hounds. Together, the two are able to sift through the wreckage of their previous relationship and rebuild on a foundation of honesty and trust rather than raw chemistry and need.

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The Role is A.B. Wilson's debut novel and the start to her Shellenberg Brothers series.  This contemporary romance starts off with some electric and instant attraction but quickly slows its pace to give us more time to get used to Markus and Alina as a couple as well as all they have to endure in the world of Hollywood and all it's good and bad sides.  Can Alina accept Markus as the leading heartthrob that he is and all that comes with it?  Can Markus learn to trust himself and Alina aftger a bad breakup and the frustrations that come with being a leading man in Hollywood whose luck may be runningafter out?  I'd have loved a little more backstory to set us up for all that was to come, but enjoyed the story even without that and loved the introduction of the different characters and I know who I am rooting for in book 2, but for you to learn that you should pick up The Role!!!  



Her face had gone completely still, and only the motion of her throat as she swallowed hard gave the smallest hint that my words had affected her.

She brushed her fingers through my hair and tugged a little so I would look up and meet her eyes. “Markus, I feel pretty much the same about you. This whole thing with us is confusing and scary. I don’t fuck around with actors—especially ones on my set. I’m worried that you could ruin me completely.”

Her hands were lying folded in her lap and I reached out and clasped one of them, my thumb brushing slowly over her knuckles. All the thoughts of what to do next were whirring through my brain until they settled like a slot machine on a hopefully winning combination.

“Alina, can we try something?”

She looked at me like I was a potentially venomous snake. “What?”

“Can I kiss you?”

She pulled me up and led me out into the empty hallway outside the private lounge where she pressed me up against the wall, and pulled me down to her for a soft kiss. The barely there press of her lips rocked me to my core.

“And now?” she asked softly as she settled back to her heels.

I caught my breath slowly and let it back out. “Now I ask if you felt something there too. Because I did—even though that was the kind of bullshit kiss you give your grandma. I don’t know what to do with it all, but I want more with you. More than being your friend. Can we try this dating thing? See where it goes?”

Her eyes darted back and forth. “‘See where things go’? Yeah, I don’t know—casual isn’t my usual mode.”

We kept up our staring contest until she clapped a hand over her eyes and groaned. “Ugh, fine, yes, I felt that same thing too. I do every time we’re near each other.”

I reached out for her hand and twined her fingers in mine. We both looked down at our joined hands.

“It’s a lot, yeah? Can we, though? Try?” I tugged her closer and she leaned into me, sighing as I kissed the top of her head.

She stepped back abruptly and poked me in the chest. “I want one more apology. You’re such a fucking tease.”

“Me? Yeah, probably, I’m sorry.” Her glare was accusatory, but I swear there was a slight twinkle in her eyes as I grinned at her. “But you know you still want me, and besides, it takes one to know one.”

She pulled back and looked up at me as she cupped my jaw in her hands. I wasn’t quite sure what she saw in my eyes as she stared at me, searching for the truth behind my words. Finally she nodded to herself and stepped back so only my fingertips dragged across her forearms. “All right, Markus. You’re on. We can ‘try’.”



A.B. Wilson is the pen name of a heat-seeking librarian trapped in the upper Midwest. She writes steamy kissing books where the journey is always more romantic than the destination.


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