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*Note: I am currently not accepting new review requests at this time.  Thank you for understanding. *

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I will endeavor to answer all messages in a timely manner, however please keep in mind that like you I have life going on outside of this blog and some days it will get in the way. 


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  2. Oh sorry to hear that you are booked, I would have loved a review from you.. maybe in the future.. happy readings

  3. I love your honest approach to books. Please feel free to let me know when you have a spot open for a sci-fi thriller with elements of romance. I would love to hear your review. :-)

  4. I appreciate the service you're providing to readers and writers. I am looking for reviews of my historical mystery and paranormal thriller about a woman who moves through time without aging. I'll try again later in hopes your schedule has cleared and you are interested. Thanks, Louise

  5. My book is intended for upper MG. The intended reader would be 11 to 14. The characters are almost 13 and beginning 8th grade by the end of the book. It is Christian themed and includes Angel interactions for fun. I would love for you to review Heroes by Design when you are ready to take new books. Thanks