Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Caged by Jayne Frost - Sixth Street Band Collection

Release Date: January 15th


Blurb: Sixth Street Bands Books 1-5 (Caged) Every book in the best selling Sixth Street Bands Series. Over 1200 pages.
***NEW AND ONLY IN THIS COLLECTION*** — GONE FOR YOU re-edited with Lily's POV — DOWN TO YOU extended epilogue — Preview for ANOTHER SKY  

Cameron and Lily's story
No relationships. No complications. Leave ‘em smiling when you go, but always go. I never had any problem following the rules.
Until her...


Christian and Melody's story.
Love isn’t an emotion—it’s a chemical reaction.
Eventually, the fire burns out.
That's what I've always believed.  
When I meet Melody, I’m on board for a little fun.
And since we share the same philosophy on attraction, there’s no chance this will turn into anything more.
Is there?

Sean and Anna's story.
An epic story about second chances, redemption, undying love, and music.
Sean and Anna, had it all. But one mistake took it all away. Four years later, and a chance meeting puts them in the same place.
She's the unfinished symphony that haunts his dreams.
He's the enduring love that she can't forget.
Can they find their way back to each other?  

Chase and Taryn's story
Two lives touched by grief, addiction, and loss. When love has brought nothing but pain is it worth the risk?

"A sexy, heartfelt rocker romance that packs an unforgettable emotional punch."— Mary, USA Today  
A star on the rise
Logan Cage, lead singer for the hottest band out of Austin, has a dark past. And a secret that he can’t outrun. For years he’s been trying to find redemption in the spotlight. But on the eve of what could be his biggest break, it almost slips away.
Rock music’s shattered princess
Tori Grayson had it all. Money. Fame. And an adoring husband to share the spotlight. But tragedy struck and took it all away. Six years later and she’s reinvented herself, founding a record label to keep the memory of those she lost alive.
Neither of them was looking for love.
But sometimes fate has other plans.
Every story deserves a soundtrack. And theirs is epic.

About the Author: I grew up in California with a dream of moving to Seattle to become a rock star.
But when the grunge thing didn’t work out (I never even made it to the Washington border) I set my sights on Austin, Texas.
After quickly becoming immersed in the Sixth Street Music scene…and discovering I couldn’t actually sing, I decided to do the next best thing—write kick ass romances about hot rockstars and the women that steal their hearts.

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