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Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O'Neale - Review

Author: Stacey O'Neale
Publication Date: May 5, 2014
Publisher: Phoenix Reign Publishing
Genre:  Fantasy/Paranormal YA
Age Recommendation: 14 and up
Rating: 5 stars
Book Description:

In Kalin Matthew's world, elementals control the forces of nature. They are divided into four courts: air, woodland, fire, and water. At sixteen she will leave the life she's built with her mortal mother. Kalin will move to Avalon to rule with her father—the elemental king of the air court. Along the way, she's attacked by a fire court assassin and saved by Rowan, a swoon-worthy elemental with a questionable past.
Worst of all, she learns her father is missing.
To rescue him, Kalin will have to work with a judgmental council and a system of courts too busy accusing each other of deceit to actually be able to help her. But, they aren’t her biggest challenge. With the Midwinter’s Ball only five days away, Kalin must take over her father’s duties, which includes shifting control of the elements—power Kalin has yet to realize.
As Rowan attempts to train her, a war looms between the four courts. If Kalin fails, her father will die and the courts will fall, but the betrayal she’s about to uncover may cost her even more

My Review:

For 16 years Kalin Matthews knew this day would come.  The day the half breed daughter of the Elemental King to the Air Court leaves her mother, her friends, and the only home she has ever known to live with the father she has only met in her dreams and take her seat as Princess in Avalon.

"My life was about to change in every conceivable way, and I was thinking about my menu options.  I rolled my eyes.  It was time to get serious.  Today was the big day.  My last day in the mortal world for who knows how long.  But most importantly, the last time I would see my mother." 

Kalin is an interesting character and I will admit to having a bit of trouble connecting to her.  She has a tendency to go off half cocked at times, I'm not sure if it is naivety or just her desire to make things happen now instead of later, perhaps it is a bit of both.  In the end though this trait doesn't take away from the book for me and I can see that in coming books she is going to have a chance to grow into her character and become a truly badass take charge heroine.  

"I was instructed to wait here for my father's knights to return while they checked on the travel preparations.  They should have been back by now.  I decided it didn't matter; I didn't need them."

Considering our hero, Rowan, I think she is totally who she needs (who he needs her) to be.  She is determined, she is independent, she is spirited and while those same traits can get her into trouble they are the traits that will also get her through the difficult challenges she faces.  

And speaking of Rowan, helloooooo swoon worthy hero!  

First off let me say if you haven't read The Shadow Prince yet you want to do that.  You want to put everything down and run to read this novella.  Not only will it set things up for Mortal Enchantment but you will get your first look at Rowan and from his point of view; that is something you really really want to do.  Rowan is an amazing character.  Now I must preface everything by telling you that I have a serious thing for troubled bad (good at heart) boys and Rowan fits that description to a T.  His story is one that will break your heart and make you want to grab him in a fierce hug and whisper "it will all be okay" then turn around and smack him upside the head after.  The strength in this character and his devotion to his people and his friends is truly inspiring.  While you may want to shake him every now and then you can't help but fall for the boy who chooses the harder right over the easier wrong!  

"My stomach twisted like a pretzel.  Rowan shifter closer; his body now directly in front of mine.  With his free hand, he waved them on as if welcoming the challenge.  Rowan was either the bravest person I had ever met or the most stupid."

Stacey O'Neale builds an amazing world, her description of the Air Court lands, the dress of the Fae, the action through out each adventure keeps you turning pages and anxious for more.  Her writing style is easy to read, I never felt like she was dragging on (Dicken's style, you all know how much I loathe that, haha) when spinning her weave describing Avalon.  The transitions make sense and the story never gets lost in the romance, in fact I think my only complaint is I would have enjoyed more of a build up between Kalin and Rowan.  That said you SHOULD read The Shadow Prince first so that you have a sense of Rowan's feelings for Kalin and an understanding of how and why their relationship in  Mortal Enchantment works the way it does.  

This is a definite read in my opinion if you are a YA book lover and a great read for both our younger teens and adults!   

Here's where to grab a copy and your good reads link:

and if you haven't read it your links (and Goodreads link) to a FREE copy of the novella The Shadow Prince (GET IT!)


Stacey O'Neale started her career in publishing as a blogger-turned-publicist for two successful small publishers. She loves to write stories with swoony paranormal heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of kissing.

When she's not writing, she loves blogging and fangirling about books on twitter. Occasionally, she leaves her computer to go outside.

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