Monday, August 4, 2014

Upcoming Book Releases Week of August 4, 2014

Holy Books you guys there are so many books releasing this week.  Over 80 of them that I just know of on Tuesday and I so wish I could list them all for you!  Because tomorrow is such a HUGE book release day I am just going to focus on it for this week.  My TBR pile (which has never just been a pile, more like a mountain) is going to grow by leaps and bounds tomorrow.  So here we go, here are a few of the ones I am most looking forward to.  As always feel free to leave a comment letting us know about any I didn't list!  All books are linked to Goodreads, while I would love to put the book description with each book it would make these posts huge, this way you can just click on the link and go check it out and hopefully find something to add to your TBR too! 

Board Books (Children 0-2 years old...or if you are like my kids a good board book will be looked at for years and years)

I Love you Beary Much 
by Sandra Magsamen

Picture Books (Children 3-8 years old)

Middle Grade Books (Children 9-13 years old)

Young Adult (Ages range from 14 and up)

New Adult  (18 and up)

Fantasy (16 and up)

Paranormal Romance (Adult, in most instances I am going to strongly recommend 18 and up)

(It's Nathan's story, no more words needed!)

(OMG, Finally!!!)

Romance (Adult 18 and up, in some cases I will strongly suggest mature audiences only!)

What did I tell you guys?  So many AMAZING books are releasing tomorrow.  This is just a fraction of them too, I so wish I could put them all up here for you guys.  If you have a chance tomorrow go by Twitter or Facebook and wish these authors (or any others not listed here) a very happy book birthday!   If you are nervous to read some of them ( I know I am for Opposition, especially since it is the final book in the series) just imagine how nervous they are to be putting it all out there! 

I hope you found something great here to read!  Don't forget if it's not here please tell us about your favorites releasing this week in the comments.

Me tomorrow, haha!

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