Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Catch a Monster by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton - A Mom Monday Spotlight and GiveAway

A Mom Monday Spotlight:

I am so excited to help share How to Catch a Monster with you.  Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton are one of my favorite children's book duos.  You are always guaranteed a fun adventure when you open up their books.  One full of a witty story and engaging art.  My young readers are both reading Middle Grade stories now but we will never pass up one of these stories, no matter how old you are you are guaranteed a fun read from these two!  

Check out How to Catch a Monster which is available now and don't forget to enter the giveaway!  

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Book Description:

From the creators of the New York Times bestselling How to Catch a Leprechaun and How to Catch an Elf! 
There's a monster in my closet,
with claws, and teeth, and hair,
and tonight, I'm going to scare him!
He lives just right through there...

Get ready to laugh as a young ninja heads into the closet to meet the monster that’s been so scary night after night! But what if things aren’t what they seem and our monster isn’t scary at all? What if our ninja hero is about to make a friend of strangest sort?

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Adam Wallace is an author and cartoonist who loves writing and drawing ... this is lucky ... because he's an author and cartoonist who writes and draws!
Adam's passion is to bring excitement and energy and humour and joy to children (of all ages!) through his books and videos.
He spends his non-writing time thinking about writing and going to as many live music shows as he can. He's also teaching himself piano, and is about to take on the ukulele as well.
Adam's books include inspiring novels (The Pete McGee series), How to Draw books (Rhymes with Art), gross short stories (The Better Out Than In series), and funny, hilarious, crack-you-up books (Jamie Brown is NOT Rich).


Hello world!

My name is Andy Elkerton, and I’m a children’s book illustrator living in Oban on the west coast of Scotland.
I specialise in bright, colourful illustrations for picture books, advertising, t.v. and character design.

After many years working in the field of computer games, I decided to go back to my illustrative roots and do what I’d always wanted to do…draw children’s books.

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