Monday, April 8, 2019

Judge of Hell by Alex Grayson - Review, Trailer, and Giveaway!

Author: Alex Grayson
Publication Date:  4 April 2019
Publisher: Self-Published
Series:  Hell Night, book 3
Genre:  Dark Contemporary Romance
Age Recommendation: 18 and Up
Rating: 4 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

NOTE: Judge of Hell may contain triggers for some due to mature content, abusive situations, and harsh language

Fierce, loyal, controlled. Three things Judge became at a young age.
Enduring unimaginable horrors no child should, he swore no person would dictate his or his brother’s lives again.
Revenge fueled him, setting a path destined from the moment he and his brothers escaped their hell. Nothing would stop him from destroying the ones who’d wronged him, even if that meant giving up the only woman to ever make him feel more than the heat of vengeance.
He let Ellie go, threw her away, never knowing the consequences of his actions.
Twelve years later, she reappears in his life, and she has some hellacious secrets of her own. Ones that knock Judge on his ass and threaten his ironclad control.
His life quickly changes course. Priorities are shifted and sacrifices are made. Judge has a decision to make. Will he give up his incessant need for retribution? Or will he sacrifice something he never dreamed he could have, but desperately wants.
Or is it possible to have both?

My Review:

I went into Judge of Hell not entirely sure that Alex Grayson was going to be able to pull this one off, don't hate me!  The reason that I say that is because we have been set up to understand certain things about Judge and from reading the synopsis I knew that the life he had been leading was about to be turned on it's head.  Now yes, we are talking about a contemporary romance, someone's life always gets turned on it's head but that was a little different in my opinion because not only was he shaken up and his life changed forever with the introduction of his romantic heroine, but what worried me was he was changing from a certain lifestyle to another one and that can be hard to make believable I have found in the past.  What I am thrilled to say is that Alex does it well.  Yes, life changes for Judge and those he has held close but Alex makes these changes with grace and understanding for all the feelings that happen in this book.  I know that may not make complete sense to you but I don't want to spoil anything if you have not  read this series yet, if you have then you know exactly what I am talking about and I have to tell you that my favorite thing about the 'shake up' is that while it feels almost too easy for some it clearly is not, especially for the heroine.  I liked that she just didn't say 'okay' and go with it, but instead says 'I understand, it does not change my feelings or opinion, but I need time'!  That right there was what makes every change perfect in my opinion.  

On another note, ha.  These books are hard reads, I am not going to lie to you.  The things that these heroes and some of the towns people have gone though is heart wrenching.  There are moments in these books that I read while silently weeping and seething.  I wouldn't say that these books are 'true dark' reads, but the history that we get is and it is unfathomable, ("with out fathom" -MegaMind) if it doesn't make you angry and need a tissue...well I just don't know what to say.  I can't even begin to imagine Alex Grayson's browser history, lol.  

I loved that Judge's story is truly one that comes from the past.  Ellie and Judge have a past, one that will make you swoon but also break your heart.  There is so much love but also hurt between the two of them it feels like perhaps it is a canyon they will not be able to cross, but they have a connection that even time and pain can not ultimately break and both have to (and do) give so that they can come together ad meet in the middle.  Ellie, the heroine is amazing.  I adored her or her strength, for knowing her own mind and for not allowing Judge to sway her easily.  She doesn't fall into his lap, she stands her ground, making her self the perfect match for the Judge of Malus.  We knew that he was not going to need an 'easy' heroine by his side, he needed someone who would stand up to him, who would make him look at himself more deeply, who can shoulder the weight that he places on himself and help him carry the load.  I loved his past relationships but this was not something we see in those, Ellie is his match and we get that from her straight up from the beginning!

These books are always hard for me to review because I don't want to give anything away and honestly what do you say about the darker parts of the book except that they hurt your heart.  It is absolutely lovely to watch as these men rebuild themselves once again and find the happiness that has been denied them for so long.  Finally 'you guys' the FREAKING ENDING!  I don't have enough words for what we got in the last few sentences of Judges book.  I have always known that Emo's book was going to be the hardest of all to read but now.......


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