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Rory- Review

Author: Irish Winters
Publication Date: February 9, 2015
Publisher: Windy Days Press
Series: In the Company of Snipers, Book 6
Genre: Military, Contemporary Romance
Age Recommendation: 18 and up
Rating: 5 Stars

   Book Description:

Agent Rory Dennison is every woman’s dream. Tall, dark and Hollywood handsome, the ex-Marine scout sniper maintains a private life none of his teammates suspect. The TEAM is just a job. He intends to keep it that way—until assassins murder the father of the tiny Tibetan girl in his charge.
Rory finds himself pulled into a world of mystery and intrigue when he and his companion agent, Ember Davis, are forced to flee with Nima Dawa. Too late he discovers Nima is not only destined to become the next Dalai Lama, but she has an unearthly gift of sight.
She can see right through him. And she does.
His carefully guarded private life is suddenly at risk. He doesn't know what to trust or who to believe. The world is too full of shadows.
He isn't the only one with secrets.... 

My Review:

Let me start this by saying that I think this is Irish Winter's best one yet and I am pretty surprised by that because I loved Harley so hard, but Harley was an emotionally tough read and while this one had many emotional moments they were emotionally beautiful, not gut clenching sobbing kind of moments, haha. I felt like Rory's book was a bit of a departure from the last few books that revolved quite a bit around the hero's prior military experience and while I love that, I also loved this little twist and escape from the harshness that comes along with the types of military rolls these heroes had.  This book was a bit of fresh air in the complexities of war and PTSD. 

Rory and Ember have to be one of my all time favorite couples.  They are both fighting so hard for what they love and fighting to overcome painful pasts.  Ember, WOW (*snicker*), this girl rocks my world and I can see a lot of myself in her (although I am not near as much of a bad ass as she is).  Yeah she's messed up, but she is not going to let that keep her down.  She is an amazing lady who blows my mind with her wit, humor, heart, and plain bad assery!  She is the kind of heroine that can take care of herself but when she falls she falls hard, both in love and in tears.  The heart break she goes through in this story plain and simple took my breath away.  
 And holy moly ya'll, the bathroom scene...that has to be one of the most electric romantic scenes I have read in a looong time.  After that I was almost considering having my tattoo's removed, haha.  Trust me you want read it.  Just be ready to say screw it to the world and be your beautiful shining self afterwards.  The fact that Rory saw Ember, truly saw her, is one of the most heartfelt things about this book.  He looked past her walls, her pain and saw (no pun intended) the ember beneath it all, saw her fire and spirit and loved her simply for that.  Talking of Rory, let me start by saying there is one part in particular where I wanted to shake him silly...come on guys, lets just get this out there right now, if you don't call the girl...well, it's a problem.  I don't want to tell you too many of his secrets because I think they are important to the stories plot line, but this guy...he is totally your next book boyfriend.  He reminds me a bit of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, which you all know (or if you didn't you do now) is my all time favorite book and the book boyfriend to which all others are compared.  Rory has the same manner with his pride as well as prejudices, (yeah, totally could have been a bit kinder to Mother and Ember.) but underneath all of that is this protective, caring, loving, sensitive man.  He's the man we all want our daughters to end up with even if we kind of hate them at first.  

  The way that Irish writes makes it hard not to feel every emotion her characters have as if it was your own.  You laugh with them, cry with them, rage, and love with them.  They sweep you off your feet, sink into your mind and heart, and set up residence.  These are characters that you will not easily forget and that will open your eyes to a new way of seeing the world and a new way of caring for those around you.  They remind you that we never know another persons full story and that being the best person we can be means opening our hearts even just a little to everyone around us.
This book while part of a series can be read as a Stand Alone, as almost always though I would recommend reading all the books just so you have all the background information.  This is the perfect read for anyone looking for a spiritual heartfelt action packed romance.  It is all in there and all pulled together perfectly to make one heck of an amazing read!
Meet the Author:
Irish Winters is an award-winning author who dabbles in poetry, grandchildren, and rarely (as in extremely rarely) the kitchen. More prone to be outdoors than in, she grew up the quintessential tomboy on a farm in rural Wisconsin, spent her teenage years in the Pacific Northwest, but calls the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah home. For now. The wife of one handsome husband and the mother of three perfect sons, Irish divides her time between writing at home and travelling the country with her man while - writing. (Seriously, what else?) She believes in making every day count for something and follows the wise admonition of her mother to, "Look out the window and see something!" To learn more about Irish and her books, please visit
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