Friday, August 5, 2016

90: Building the Ultimate Empire by Mel Jones - Author Spotlight

You're a book blogger pursuing the local Barnes and Noble with your children when you stop at the customer service desk to ask a question and in turn discover a local author, what do you do?  Well you, of course, say hello and offer to try and help get the word out about his book.  It's so important for us to support all authors, it's why we are here doing what we do isn't it? It's even more important in my opinion to support those authors local to our area.  With my little burst of unusual extrovert-ism, I met Author Mel Jones and I am so happy to introduce you to him as well.  If you are in the Williamsburg, VA area be sure to stop by the New Town Barnes&Noble on 
12 August from 2:00-6:00pm 

Book Description:

They say it takes 90 days to create a new habit. How about building a new mind? Mel Jones, Powerful Thinking Coach and motivational speaker, has created a 90 day powerful thinking manual that will equip you with the necessary mental tools to break your old way of thinking so that you may transform into the greater version of you. This is for the entrepreneur looking to take his company to the next level, the football coach trying to rebuild after a loosing season, the student attempting to balance her work/class schedule, the couple who just joined their first gym, and even the stay-at-home mother searching for her own feeling of significance. 90: Building The Ultimate Empire is a road map through your mind, written so you may be prepared to combat any and all mental road blocks that you will encounter on your journey to becoming a Powerful Thinker.

Meet the Author:

Local author Mel Jones, AKA the "Motivational Philosopher" will be conducting a book signing  for his 90 Chapter / 90 Day powerful thinking book "90: Building the Ultimate Empire" at the Williamsburg Barnes&Noble in New Town on 12 August from 2-6pm.  

Powerful Thinking is what Mel Jones does best. He speaks to flip the switch in the average persons mind to give them the edge you need to WIN! Whether it’s in your relationship, business, economics, health, fitness, or lack of fulfillment. Mel’s goal is to help you, your team, and your company to break the binds of average thinking and to become a Powerful Thinker so that you may grow and create more success.

Hailing from Williamsburg, Va, Mel Jones Speaks and writes on an array of topics not because he is a generalized life coach, but because he is a Powerful Thinking Expert. Jones has spoken for Sales Teams, Public Schools, and been featured on Radio Shows such as Convocation Radio. You can find articles written about as well as written by Mel Jones in The Health Journal. Jones knows the only thing standing in the way of you and your goals is your thinking, this is why he tirelessly gives his all to inspiring others to become their best. This desire to push others past their current state has inspired Mel Jones to start his own Fitness Apparel Company, Grip Work Gear LLC, just to prove to the world that you really can “Just Do It.”

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