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Slow Shift by Nazarea Andrews - Review

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Author: Nazarea Andrews
Publication Date: 6 December, 2018
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: StandAlone
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, M/M,Shifter
Age Recommendation: 17 and Up
Rating: 4 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

One angry, grieving boy. Chase DeWitt is fourteen when his mother dies and he stumbles into the woods beyond his home, angry and heartbroken. He didn’t know that it would change the course of his life.

Two broken, lonely men.  Tyler Reid is twenty three, grumpy and angry, trying to take care of a injured brother, and rebuilding a life blind hatred destroyed in one night. But he understands the boy who stumbles out of the woods and into his life, understands the grief in his eyes and the rage that makes him shake. And there is something in that familiar grief that makes Tyler trust Chase, when trusting humans has only ever lead to disaster. 

 And a falling down house they make a home.  As the summer passes and the years turn, Chase cares for Tyler’s brother, helps him rebuilding the house in the woods, as they help each other rebuild a life beyond the little house, Chase realizes two important things: these men matter to him, could be family. And they are not nearly as human as they seem.

My Review:

So this one is a struggle for me to review for two reasons.  One, I loved the concept of this book.  I love the emotions, I love watching this family grow and change over time.  Two, and this is where the but comes in.  I struggled to read this story, particularly in the beginning as it has a very slow start.  But more for the fact that it feels very stream of consciousness on the writer's part.  I had challenges at times keeping up with who was talking and more the when of it all.  Time jumps ahead at a pretty good clip in the story and things are obviously said that we aren't privy too (for instance when ever Chase told Tyler about the death of his mother.  We never see that happen but from a later conversation it is clear that at some point Chase has told Tyler and Logan about what occurred.) and that throws me way off. 

There is a dramatic shift that occurs (though it is a slow road to get there, perhaps that is why the title is Show Shift?) about midway through the book when we change from a bit of a contemporary coming of age story to more of the paranormal/urban fantasy feel.  Once that shift occurs  and the action begins the book really picks up and you find yourself flipping pages faster than your brain can maybe process the words on the page.  I love the man that Chase grows into and the length he is willing to go to protect those that he loves, that all plays out the second half of the book and is well worth the slow beginning.  

The thing is though,  I can't not like this book regardless of all the little things that might make my head twitch, and cause me to give it 4 instead of 5 stars,  because the fact is this is just plain and simple a beautiful story about acceptance.  About finding a family that completes you (yes, that sounds corny but it's true), about discovering who you are, who you were meant to be, and about love...most of all about love. 

I think it is important that you know going in that this isn't your typical paranormal read.  This is a book that lives in a realm of cross genres, one where it is hard to pin point exactly what type of book this is.  It is a book that becomes more than it's genre, it is a book that is the story itself and you have to let that story guide you.  What I want to say is, don't give up!  Keep reading and you will find that the reward of knowing these characters and the depth of their love out weighs all imperfections.  

*Sidenote* I truly hope that Nazarea puts this one out in Paperback because I am in LOVE with this cover and need it on my shelf!


“Are you really ok with this?” Chase asks later that night when Tyler slips into his bedroom and curls behind him on his bed. It’s not small but it always feels like it is when Tyler is in it with him. He’s quiet, so Chase tilts his head back and says, “You don’t have to. We can find another way.” “I’m ok. We need to do this,” Tyler says. Chase nods. He touches the runes tattooed on Tyler’s ribs, the ones he marked Tyler with, and Tyler arches into the touch. “Remember you’re mine, Tyler. Whatever happens, whatever she says, you’re mine. And I won't let her hurt what's mine.” Tyler shuffles into him, presses his face into Chase’s throat, and they cling to each other as the night deepens around them.


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