Monday, February 9, 2015

Extraordinary Sam - Cover Reveal

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I am really pleased to be able to help bring you the cover for an upcoming Middle Grade read that I think young readers are going to go nuts over.  Extraordinary Sam looks to have everything any fantasy, mystery, adventure loving reader could want and seriously the cover is just as exciting.  I really want to not only learn more about Sam but also those 4 characters on the back that a frog wearing a a Indian headress?  And you guys know I am always a fan of any book that has a red head in it, even if she does look like she may be of the evil variety. *wink*  


So, I know you want me to stop my gushing and just show you!  Meet Extraordinary Sam.

 Extraordinary Sam and the Adventurers' Guild releases in March 2015

Book Description:

In EXTRAORDINARY SAM, Sam Miller seems like an ordinary 12 year-old boy, but the discovery of a mysterious box from his missing grandfather changes his life forever. He soon finds himself in a strange world full of adventure and magic where he must battle pirates, giant spiders, and an evil tyrant. To survive, Sam must overcome his fears, solve the riddles, and most of all, be Extraordinary.

 Kevin Springer grew up on a farm in Maryland where his imagination could run free. He was able to reconnect to that creativity through telling bedtime stories to his two boys. One of those stuck and evolved into Extraordinary Sam. What started out as a simple story of a boy who had a magical hatbox turned into an exciting story of adventure and self-discovery. Kevin is a self-proclaimed dreamer and a kid at heart. When he’s not writing or reading, he is watching movies or helping with homework. He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife, kids and dogs

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