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Drawn Through You by Sarina Rhoads - Review and Giveaway



Author: Sarina Rhoads
Publication Date:  26 October 2015
Publisher: Tryst Books
Series: Stand Alone 
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Age Recommendation: 18 and up
Rating: 3 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

What if the brooding billionaire wore pencil skirts and Louboutins? What if the impressionable intern was a small-town furniture maker with boyish charm?

Cole Jacobson always thought he would take after his father and pursue his dreams. But when the family business falters and he’s forced to accept his uncle’s help, Cole is summoned to the big city for a job he never wanted.

Priorities become obscured when Cole finds himself working for Shaun Wright, the strong, intimidating, and ruthlessly attractive business partner at his uncle’s contracting firm. Forced to either sacrifice his hard-won integrity or leave behind the one thing that brings him true happiness, Cole must make a decision that could cost him both. A decision only complicated by the sexy, inscrutable woman he can’t stop thinking about. A woman who just might be as intrigued as he is to cross professional boundaries.

A provocative, trope-twisting romance, Sarina Rhoads’s Drawn Through You finally puts the heroine on the other side of the desk.

MY Review:

This review comes down to an I liked it, but I didn't love it as much as I wanted to.  I think perhaps I went in expecting something from the book after reading the description and what I got wasn't exactly what I had thought it would be.  

I expected Shaun Wright to be the female version of a Bennett Ryan from Beautiful Bastard or an Ethan Blackstone from The Blackstone Affair.   No doubt Shaun is definitely an intelligent, powerful, determined, hard working woman...but she didn't pull of the cocky/ball busting/brooding attitude you think she is going to have after reading the book description.    Truth is I liked her just fine, she just simply wasn't what I thought I was going to get and I didn't love her, I couldn't connect with her.  She was almost too aloof.  

Cole, he's an interesting character for me because I think we got what we expected when it came to him.  He's a small town man, with big dreams that don't involve a big city or powerful people.  He just wants to be left to live his life by his own terms, he wants to be able to create his won happiness....who doesn't right?  He has some pretty alpha male tendencies that lead to riling up Shuan here and there, but other than that he doesn't often put those tendencies to good use.  I felt like he let things slide to much, he let people walk all over him...not just Shaun who you would expect would be leaving divots in his back (both in fun and anger) from her Louboutin heels.    

Drawn Through Me I am afraid just didn't live up to it's potential.  The concept is one that I think we would all like to see more of.  I liked the storyline, small town guy, big city girl, power struggles, intrigue, mergers, and takeovers....yeah, it' got all that...but some how it just falls flat.  I wanted more from the couple, they're story sadly gets lost in all the side story lines.  Was there chemistry between then two, sure but it felt more like a secretive office romance instead of building/budding relationship.  They had their moments and I totally appreciated those, but they were few and afar between.  

So this turned into a meh read for me, but I don't regret having spent the time to read it.  I think it might be a 5 star read for some people, it just missed it's mark with me, doesn't mean it isn't worth picking up though.  So if you enjoy contemporary romance I'd say give it a go.  Forget what the description says though...this is less about flipping the brooding bad boy billionaire trope and more about a man trying to find his way in the ruthlessness of big business and a 'new world' and getting back to what makes him happy.  


Maintaining a suburban orbit of NYC all her life, Sarina Rhoads ran the gamut of odd jobs in pursuit of a one true passion. Once exposed to a world of creative storytelling through online writing groups, she fell completely in love. Now she finds pleasure in penning both contemporary and paranormal romance, possessing notebooks chock full of ideas only waiting to be released.

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