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Wolf Bait by Nina West - Excerpt and Giveaway

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I am thrilled to help bring you this new erotic romance title from Nina West. 

WOLF BAIT is the first book in the Wolf Cove Series releasing November 16th. 

You aren't going to want to miss this fantastic title so go grab your copy for just $.99 today!

  Wolf Bait, Final Cover Revised


Book Description:

 WOLF BAIT is the first book in the Wolf Cove Series.

 When life turns to hell, most people talk about running away. Abbi Mitchell actually does it. Determined to escape her humiliating heartbreak and her overbearing mother, Abbi takes a summer job at a resort in Alaska. It's supposed to be four months of snow-capped mountains, peaceful wilderness, and figuring out if she should wait for her lifelong sweetheart to come back, as he has promised he'll do. Instead, it's Henry Wolf. Owner of the luxury hotel chain, Henry Wolf is cool and composed, successful with everything he touches, and undeniably beautiful.  And for some reason Abbi can't fathom, he wants her—the farm girl from small town, USA with no corporate experience—as his personal assistant. Abbi scrambles to meet his professional demands while she battles her growing attraction to him. Physical feelings she shouldn't have because he's her boss, because she's way out of her league with him, and because they'll never be reciprocated. Until they are. Will Abbi be able to let go of herself—her values, her dreams, and her inhibitions—to give him all that he's demanding of her?   

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“Well, I for one am not leaving the confines of this beautiful property, so no one’s gonna be eatin’ this southern girl,” Tillie purrs.

“Except maybe the big bad wolf,” Autumn mocks, and they all explode with laughter. It must be an inside joke. Great. A few hours late and I’m already an outsider.

Autumn reaches out to grab my arm. “Have you seen him yet?”

I frown, confused. “Who? The big bad wolf?”

She laughs. “Henry Wolf, the owner.”

Oh. I chuckle and shake my head.

Her eyes widen knowingly. “Just you wait. There isn’t a warm-blooded female here who wouldn’t spread her legs for that man’s tongue.”

My cheeks flush. Not that I haven’t wondered what it would feel like to have a man—Jed—go down on me. I don’t understand how I’ll ever psych myself up to allowing it. I can’t even touch myself without knowing that I’ll feel sinful once my climax has come and gone. I clear my throat. “So the owner’s here?” I never bothered to read up on the Wolf family, more interested in Alaska and the hotel itself.

“I saw him step out of his helicopter yesterday morning.”

“You think you saw him,” Rachel corrects.

“Oh, believe me, there’s no mistaking that man.” Autumn takes a swig from her flask. “He spoke at my grad ceremony two years ago. I guarantee you every woman’s panties were soaked through by the end of it. Maybe a few men’s, too.”

Another round of laughter. I can feel my face turning red at the crassness of their conversation. Not that I don’t think these things, or feel these things. I’ve just been taught never to discuss them openly like this. And my circle of friends at school doesn’t talk like that either.

But if I’m going to be living and working with these ladies for the next few months, I probably should start getting used to this now.

I keep my hands busy and my eyes down as I unpack my backpack, filling the two bottom drawers with clothes for both warm and cold weather, while the girls discuss the owner.

“The expos√© on him in Forbes says he made his first million when he was sixteen, on some stock investment.”

“That’s a crock. He was already born a millionaire. His grandparents owned an Alaskan gold mine.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t earn that. It was handed to him.”

“I heard this property was given to him.”

“And his brother.”

“No, apparently it was all willed to him! Can you imagine the family feud over that?”

“It’s not like his brother hasn’t gotten enough. Well, maybe not yet. Their dad is still alive so he still technically owns this hotel.”

“Do you know who he’s dating? That Victoria’s Secret model. What is her name? The one on the cover of the holiday edition.”

“No. They broke up. She caught him in bed with two of her friends.”

“So that means he’s fair game.”

“I heard he’s super rigid and law-abiding, like his father. Honorable to a fault.”

“No way. Word around the Wolf is that he’s an arrogant, controlling prick who fucks women and then ditches them.”

“A guy like that must go through women like underwear.”

“I’ll gladly be his underwear.”

About Nina West: Nina West lives in the city but spends her summers in the wilderness with her husband. She loves having a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand and a steamy story full of angst in the other.

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