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Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Collection - Review and Excerpt


Discover the Lexi Blake Crossover Collection 

My Review:

 I know, I know...what the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks is my review doing up here you ask.  Well, I debated over and over how to do this, how does a book reviewer properly review a crossover collection?  Do I review each individual book leading to the longest blog review ever and sending you into a book review coma or do I write one review that encompasses all of the series?  As you can guess I decided to go with the one review and believe that you will trust me when I tell you how I feel about the crossover as a whole instead of in it's pieces, so here goes:

Second thing you should know, I was really worried about this crossover.  Not because I didn't have faith the authors could pull it off but more because I am always leary of crossover worlds. I have found in the past that not everything translates when you take two worlds and bring them together.  I was really worried about how it would work bringing the Masters and Mercenaries crew together with the Demonica Underworld crew, but I am happy to say that Her Guardian Angel, by Larissa Ione actually turned out to be one of my favorites of the whole bunch.  I think that says quite a bit about how well the authors merged there worlds together because Demonica and Masters and Mercenaries individually are two of my favorite series and this cross over did them both justice.

One of the challenges with almost all of the books, minus Lexi Blake's as it is a full novel , is that they almost needed to be full length.  Obviously some of the authors pull off novella's better than others.  I think that Larissa Ione does them well but maybe that's just a case of having done enough of them over time you know how to pace the story.  J. Kenners felt a bit abrupt to me, it was a book that really could have used more time to sort the story, but don't let that make you shy away from it, Justify Me is still a good just has a lot going on and I think is one of the ones that you would have most wanted to have been caught up one both series.  In general I don't feel like you have to have read the books of each author (except of course for the Masters and Mercenaries books) but of course it wouldn't hurt.  Sometimes, there are so many people in play in a long series like M&M it is hard to keep up with who is who and then when you throw an entirely different authors world into the mix it can make you scratch your head a time or two.

I felt like the angst level in all of the books was pretty high, and if you know me I am not a fan of angst, it makes my anxiety go wild when I am worrying about book characters as well as my own life, haha.  I think it is higher in these books though again because they are crossovers and you have to somehow meld these two worlds and then also because they are novellas so you have to not only meld two worlds and bring a couple together, but you have to do it quickly.

I pretty much loved all the characters, Especially Remy, he's not the manwhore you think he is, yea!  The authors did a good job matching the couples.  I have to wonder did Lexi select who got which M&M character, did the author of each book pick, or was it luck of the draw?  Anyway you look at it they all did a wonderful job giving these characters a story that they deserved (though I wish some were full length stories so I could have gotten to know them a bit better) and the love that they needed.

In the end, this is a great collection, over-all each book rates at least a 4 star read for me.  If you love Masters and Mercenaries this is a great way for Lexi to have wrapped up the story lines for the crew and to get us ready to lead into the spinoff with the 'Lost Boys"!  I for one CAN NOT WAIT, squuuueeee!  Each book will be a wonderful addition to the authors series as well as to M&M and i hope that you will pick them up!


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Book Description:

Remy Guidry doesn’t do relationships. He tried the marriage thing once, back in Louisiana, and learned the hard way that all he really needs in life is a cold beer, some good friends, and the occasional hookup. His job as a bodyguard with McKay-Taggart gives him purpose and lovely perks, like access to Sanctum. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman with stars in her eyes and babies in her future. Lisa Daley’s life is finally going in the right direction. She has finally graduated from college after years of putting herself through school. She’s got a new job at an accounting firm and she’s finished her Sanctum training. Finally on her own and having fun, her life seems pretty perfect. Except she’s lonely and the one man she wants won’t give her a second look. There is one other little glitch. Apparently, her new firm is really a front for the mob and now they want her dead. Assassins can really ruin a fun girls’ night out. Suddenly strapped to the very same six-foot-five-inch hunk of a bodyguard who makes her heart pound, Lisa can’t decide if this situation is a blessing or a curse. As the mob closes in, Remy takes his tempting new charge back to the safest place he knows—his home in the bayou. Surrounded by his past, he can’t help wondering if Lisa is his future. To answer that question, he just has to keep her alive.



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Book Description:

After a difficult childhood and a turbulent stint in the military, Declan Burke finally got his act together. Now he’s a battle-hardened professional bodyguard who takes his job at McKay-Taggart seriously and his playtime – and his playmates – just as seriously. One thing he never does, however, is mix business with pleasure. But when the mysterious, gorgeous Suzanne D’Angelo needs his protection from a stalker, his desire for her burns out of control, tempting him to break all the rules…even as he’s drawn into a dark, dangerous world he didn’t know existed. Suzanne is an earthbound angel on her critical first mission: protecting Declan from an emerging supernatural threat at all costs. To keep him close, she hires him as her bodyguard. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that she’s in over her head, defenseless against this devastatingly sexy human who makes her crave his forbidden touch. Together they’ll have to draw on every ounce of their collective training to resist each other as the enemy closes in, but soon it becomes apparent that nothing could have prepared them for the menace to their lives…or their hearts.


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Book Description:

McKay-Taggart operative Riley Blade has no intention of returning to Los Angeles after his brief stint as a consultant on mega-star Lyle Tarpin’s latest action flick. Not even for Natasha Black, Tarpin’s sexy personal assistant who’d gotten under his skin. Why would he, when Tasha made it absolutely clear that—attraction or not—she wasn’t interested in a fling, much less a relationship. But when Riley learns that someone is stalking her, he races to her side. Determined to not only protect her, but to convince her that—no matter what has hurt her in the past—he’s not only going to fight for her, he’s going to win her heart. Forever.



Book Description:

I’ve had two goals my entire life: 1. Make it big in country music. 2. Get the hell out of Bell Buckle. I was doing it. I was on my way, until Cooper Townsend landed backstage at my show in Dallas. This gorgeous, rugged, man of few words was one cowboy I couldn’t afford to let distract me. But with his slow smile and rough hands, I just couldn’t keep away. Now, there are outside forces conspiring against us. Maybe we should’ve known better? Maybe not. Even with the protection from Wade Rycroft, bodyguard for McKay-Taggart, I still don’t feel safe. I won’t let him get hurt because of me. All I know is that I want to hold on, but know the right thing to do is to let go…



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Book Description:

Talia Shaw has spent her adult life working as a scientist for a big pharmaceutical company. She’s focused on saving lives, not living life. When her lab is broken into and it's clear someone is after the top secret formula she’s working on, she turns to the one man she can trust. The same irresistible man she turned away years earlier because she was too young and naive to believe a sexy guy like Shane Landon could want her. Shane Landon’s bodyguard work for McKay-Taggart is the one thing that brings him satisfaction in his life. Relationships come in second to the job. Always. Then little brainiac Talia Shaw shows up in his backyard, frightened and on the run, and his world is turned upside down. And not just because she’s found him naked in his outdoor shower, either. With Talia's life in danger, Shane has to get her out of town and to her eccentric, hermit mentor who has the final piece of the formula she’s been working on, while keeping her safe from the men who are after her. Guarding Talia's body certainly isn't any hardship, but he never expects to fall hard and fast for his best friend’s little sister and the only woman who’s ever really gotten under his skin.



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Book Description: 

Sadie Jennings was used to being protected. As the niece of Sean Taggart, and the receptionist at McKay-Taggart Group, she was constantly surrounded by Alpha men more than capable, and willing, to lay down their life for her. But when she visits her friend in San Antonio, and acts on suspicious activity at Milena’s workplace, Sadie puts both of them in the crosshairs of a madman. After several harrowing weeks, her friend is now safe, but for Sadie, the repercussions of her rash act linger on. Chase Jackson, no stranger to dangerous situations as a captain in the US Army, has volunteered himself as Sadie's bodyguard. He fell head over heels for the beautiful woman the first time he laid eyes on her. With a Delta Force team at his back, he reassures the Taggart's that Sadie will be safe. But when the situation in San Antonio catches up with her, Chase has to use everything he's learned over his career to keep his promise...and to keep Sadie alive long enough to officially make her his.

  Athletic handsome man trains outdoor.


Say You Won't Let Go by Corinne Michaels

“Good morning,” Cooper’s deep voice grumbles against my neck. “Hi there, cowboy,” I reply, nestling into his body a little deeper. “Sleep good?” I did. We passed out at some point during the night—fully dressed. I’ve never had so much fun doing nothing before. All we did was talk about everything and anything, and of course, I kissed him—a lot. How could I not? Kissing Cooper feels like coming home. It was full of anticipation, joy, and a feeling of safety that I could just fall if I had to. Cooper was there to catch me all night. His nose rubs up and down the back of my neck. “I did,” he replies. His arm snakes around me, tightening and holding me secure. I try to remember that I need to keep myself in check. Yes, this is Cooper Townsend, but at the same time, we live worlds apart. It isn’t smart to get caught up in something that won’t ever be anything more than just this. Feelings lead to heartbreak. Heartbreak isn’t something I can afford right now. “What time does the bus leave?” I flip over to my other side so I can look at him. “Not until tonight. Luke likes to travel at night and see the city we’re in during the day. So, I have all day. Why?” He smiles while resting his hand on my hip. “Spend the day with me.” “Coop.” I sigh. We had talked about this last night. That we’d say goodbye in the morning and keep things light. No complications. No promises. Not until the tour was over and I was back in Tennessee. Then, who knows, but I’m all too aware of how easy it would be for me. “It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just a day of us hanging out,” he presses. My eyes narrow slightly, and I pull my lips to the side. “I don’t know. We agreed…” “Emmy, we have a very looming expiration date. I’m just askin’ my friend to hang out. Besides, what other options do you have?”  


About Corinne Michaels: New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Corinne Michaels is the author of nine romance novels. She’s an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness. She enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak and finding a way to heal them through their struggles. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love.

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