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Tangled Love by Haley Jenner - Review, PlayList and Giveaway!

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Author: Haley Jenner
Publication Date:  13 April, 2018
Publisher: Self Published 
Series:  Chaotic Rein, book 1
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Age Recommendation: 18 and Up
Rating: 5 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

Codi Rein is a means to an end. A bloody and vengeful penance for wrong doing. She was our way to inflict pain and suffering on those who took away what was most important to us.
She was supposed to be a no one. Insignificant.
She wasn’t supposed to make me smile.
She wasn’t supposed to make me laugh.
She sure wasn’t supposed to make me feel something other than hate.
She wasn’t supposed to make me love her.
She was a means to an end. Now the bloody and vengeful end looks to be mine. Because it now comes down to love or loyalty and it’s on me to decide what reigns absolute; heart or family.

My Review:

This is the first book by Haley Jenner that I have read and I am really pleased to now have her in my sights.  Tangled Love was a bit of dark romance and suspense wrapped up into one.  It is an emotional roller coaster of a ride, a book where one minute you are hating a main character and the next you are broken down in tears wishing you could hug them, and pet them, and love them.  It's one of those reads where when you start it you think, okay...this is going to be a decent read, a good way to pass the time and then by the time you are done you are clutching the book to your chest wondering where the time went because you became so wrapped up in the world that Haley created that you didn't put it down until you finished the last page and were left ready for more.  

How far will you go for vengeance, what is it worth to you, what if everything you knew to be true was a lie, what if vengeance no longer matters but it's all you have, it is what has kept you going for 20 years?  Could you shove aside everything, could you let go of the possibility of a new life, a happy life, love for retribution?

I will admit to having some mixed feelings for our hero at first, he is...well, he is a bit of a jerk, (you know what I want to say here, but Amazon won't let me use those kind of words, *side eyes Amazon*) he's up one minute and down the next, he's throwing out mixed signals  like they were dollar bills and he was a a strip club.  But then I began to understand him, I began to see him and listen and well, I kinda have some pretty strong attachment type feelings toward Parker.  I may have even done the unimaginable and fallen a little in love with his brother too,, if you think Parker is one the dark side, wait until you meet Rocco. 

Codi, she is such a sweet heroine but on top of that she is also fierce.  I loved that she would just walk out on Parker when he was acting like a jerk! *side eye* I love that she made him work to get back into her good graces, that even though her feelings run pretty deep she knows the value of herself and her heart and she isn't going to let Parker downgrade her to one of his normal 'play things'.  It was wonderful seeing such a strong heroine and yet one who is sightly broken and a little soft hearted...honestly she is the every girl, just living in a crazy world.  

Wait, isn't that like a song lyric...that's gonna bug me all day, but get my drift.  She's amazing and I loved the two of them together even when they were giving me all those angsty feels.  I loved that Codi's kind heart brings out the softness that has always been there in Parker.  When it comes down to it he is very much like a little boy that never got to be.  He just wants love and kindness.  He wants to be shown that it is okay to hurt and when his emotions get too much for him he throws, essentially, an adult sized tantrum.  That doesn't make him a bad person, doesn't make him annoying, (jerk yes, annoying no) honestly it just makes you love him even more because he is so real and so raw and it is so very easy to see why Codi would lose her heart to a man like him even when it could cost her everything.  

Tangled Love is a well paced, thought out story that is going to have you wanting book two in your hands right away.  I honestly can't wait for Rocco's storyline...I love the way it looks like it is going to go and who it will go with.  There's a whole world waiting for us in Chaotic Rein and while I am not sure we'll get more than two books (seeing as there are two brothers) I really hope that Haley is able to weave in some extra characters and keep us sitting on the edge of our seats for a few books more.  

There was only one thing that threw me off and sadly I can't really talk about it because hello spoiler...but there is one storyline that didn't get wrapped up the way I would have liked to see it happen.  Now that may be because we will see this person again and it will wrap up in another installment but I want the vindication that comes along with this persons storyline ending... I think everyone deserves that.  This is a great series to pick up if you are looking for something with steaming romance, some suspense, and little bit of a dark feel to it.  



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Author Bio

A blonde. A brunette. A tea lover. A coffee addict. Two people. One pen name. Haley Jenner is made up of Hailey Bond and Jenna McIntyre. They’re pals, besties if you will, maybe even soulmates. Consider them the ultimate in split personality, exactly the same, but completely different. 

They reside on the Gold Coast in Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland. They lead ultra-busy lives as working mums, but wouldn’t want it any other way.

Books are a large part of their lives. Always have been and they’re firm believers that reading is an essential part of living. Escaping with a good story is one of their most favorite things, even to the detriment of sleep.

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