Monday, June 11, 2018

Bundle of Love by Erin Wright - Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway

Today we have the blog tour for Erin Wright’s Bundle Of Love! 

I am so excited to share this with you!

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Book Description:

Dr. Adam Whitaker, vet extraordinaire, has spent the last nine years helplessly in love with Chloe, and deserves his own happily ever after. Except, what if the love of his life comes with one condition…a baby? 

Bundle of Love is the seventh novel in the Long Valley series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!


He was frozen, his arm around Kylie as he looked down at her. She felt it too, he could see it plain as day. She’d make the world’s worst poker player because every thought and feeling was right there on her face. 

And her face was telling him that she felt the arcs of electricity between them with every strangled breath. 

“Well-I-better-get-going-and-look-at-the-car-and-see-what-needs-to-be-fixed-before-you-can-buy-it-see-you-later,” and he was out the door, running as if someone had set his ass on fire and he jumped into his truck, gunning the engine and tearing down the dirt driveway like a convict making a break from prison. 

He couldn’t fall in love with Kylie VanLueven. No way, no how. She was his employee, for God’s sake. And a good fifteen years younger than him. And…and…well, he was sure there were other reasons too, that he’d think of in just a moment. 

Oh, like the fact that he was in a position of power over her – that was a damn good reason that he couldn’t fall in love with her. He couldn’t take advantage of her. 

Yeah, she felt the sparks right now – he was plenty sure the fine folks of Franklin, 30 minutes away, felt the sparks between them – but what if that changed in the future? She could feel pressured to continue to date him even if she didn’t want to, and how despicable was that? He couldn’t stand the thought of being that guy. He wasn’t built for it. 

He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was built for Kylie, though, and the idea of giving her up, no matter how “right” it was, felt like someone had landed a nice right hook to his solar plexus. It was hard to remember what life had been like a few short weeks ago – behind on bills, behind on billing, the office a mess (okay, so it was still a mess but at least it was now a clean mess), incoherent phone messages scrawled out by the world’s worst secretary, no scent of wildflowers to drive him absolutely crazy, no bright smile and cheerful attitude to cheer him up no matter what was happening… 

He didn’t want to face a world without Kylie VanLueven in it. 

But he also couldn’t take advantage of her youth and naïveté by dating her. 

But he also also couldn’t imagine continuing to keep his hands to himself – his self-control was rapidly disappearing every day that he spent around her. 

In short, he was screwed six ways to Sunday, and he had no idea how to even begin figuring out how to save himself, or what “saving” really meant.

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About Erin Wright:

 Erin Wright has worked every job under the sun, including library director, barista, teacher, website designer, and ranch hand helping brand cattle, before settling into the career she’s always dreamed about: Author. She still loves coffee, doesn’t love the smell of cow flesh burning, and is quite happily ensconced with her handsome hubby in a small, charming town in rural Idaho. On her site,, you can sign up for her newsletter, along with finding the requisite pictures of Jasmine, her kitty cat muse and snuggle buddy extraordinaire.  

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