Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm still here

Hey Everybody!

Sorry to have been MIA the last few days.  My family and I took a small little vacation to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit some of our dearest friends.  I am back and have so much lined up for the near future. 

I noticed I missed a ton of great stuff while I was gone though!  Did anyone else see the great teasers from JR Wards upcoming release The King?  You missed it?  I did to, thankfully I have a wonderful friend who sent me a message knowing that I would not want to miss these!  Thank you Nicole!  So just in-case you missed them too, here is my favorite and makes me want this book in my hands NOW!

With a quick shift, Wrath pulled Beth against him, holding her to his naked body.  She was a tall female, but even so she barely came up to his pecs, and as he closed his eyes, he curled himself around her."

"I want you to know something he,"  he said into her hair.  

As she went still, he tried to pull something worth hearing out of his ass.  Some string of words that were even in the same zip code as what was doing in his chest. 

"What," She whispered.

"You are everything to me."

-The King, PG 24

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY, J.R. Ward?  You make my heart do flips worthy of the summer Olympics!  I love how much the Brother's adore their Shellans..so much swoon worthiness and one of my favorite things about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Here is where you can pre-order it and of course go add it to your TBR list on Goodreads.  If you live Paranormal Romance this is a must read series.!



So what else is going on?  I currently reading a Fantastic Middle Grade book called Doll Bones by Holly Black.  I have a review of Amelia Hutchins's newly released book Escaping Destiny from The Fae Chronicles coming up soon and tomorrow....TOMORROW I am going back to Politics and Prose to meet the fabulous!  Yes, I am in full fan girl mode!  I will be of NO use to anyone tomorrow!  

And finally I stopped into a lovely little book shop in Raleigh, NC on  Monday called Quail Ridge Books and Music.  Inside this book store you forget that you are in a shopping center in the middle of a sprawling city.  Walking in you are taken in by the smell of books, books that have been coming and going from this store for years.  The smell wraps itself around you and makes you want to sigh with contentment while you slip into one of their cushy reading chairs placed around a comforting fire place.  The staff are all so kind and eager to help in any way they can.  This book store is a little gem and I recommend if you are ever in the area stopping by to see them.  I can't get enough of locally owned book stores!  Here are a few pics from the shop:

Any I can't finish this up with out this absolutely ROCKING photo from the bathroom.  Seriously if I can't get you to this shop for the books at least go check out the awesomeness that is their bathroom and hey while you are there, you could....Oh I don't know, buy a book!  *wink*


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    1. Thank you so much, I would have totally missed them if you hadn't said anything. And I would have hated to miss them! When he tells her she is his everything, SWOON! <3