Monday, February 10, 2014

"We Can All Be Heroes"

Mom Mondays:

I've decided to start each week with Mom Monday this will be the day that I review children's books.  Anything between picture books and middle grade.  Being a mom to two beautiful girls I end up reading a lot of Children's books and there are so many out there that are amazing I just want to take a bit of time to share the joy of them with you.

Author: Brad Meltzer
Publication Date: January 14th 2014
Publisher: Dial
Genre:Children's Biography
Age Recommendation: 4 to 10
Rating: 5 Stars

Look at those adorable covers!  As a home schooling mom with a history degree they called to me.  They said pick me up, open me, buuuuuy me!  These books are wonderful introductions to history and biographies for our younger readers, and have I mentioned how cute the illustrations are, because ah, I could look at them all day!  

I am Amelia Earhart takes us on the journey of Amelia finding her passion, over coming fear, fighting against social norms, and reaching for your dreams.  It is a story about trying and never giving up.

"Never let anyone stop you.  Whatever your dream is, chase it.  You will find it.  It is the nest lesson I can give you."

In the book I am Abraham Lincoln we learn that Abraham was a great reader from childhood.  He was an advocate to animals and people.  It is a story of fighting for what you believe in and for the people you believe in.  This book is a great opprotunity to learn about being corageous in the face of bullies.

"Sometimes, the hardest fights don't reveal a winner - but they do reveal character."

 There is a third book releasing in June of 2014, I am Rosa Parks, and if the above two are any indication it will be a fabulous addition to our family library and yours.

Keep in mind the audience these books are intended for.  I know that facts are missing, that some of the harshest moments of their lives are left out.  But I believe there is a good reason for that.  These books touch on the most basic facts because they are meant to simply be a primer for our young readers.  They are meant to spark an interest in history and the world around them  They are wonderful tools to promote a love of learning and reading, to encourage children to follow their dreams and stand up for others.   These books are meant to give them just a glimpse into the lives of historical figures, about how they became the people that they did.  Once that flame is ignited in their minds, search out more detailed books on the people and histories they find most interesting.  This is a wonderful place to start, with fabulous illustrations that will draw their attention and stories told so that they stay captivated through the entire book. 

At the end of each book the author has placed several wonderful photographs that will give your readers a glimpse at the real life heroes described in the story.

I hope soon that we will have many more historical figures added to this wonderful series. 

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