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My Rogue, My Ruin by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan - Review and Giveaway

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Author:  Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan
Publication Date:  14 November, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Series:  Lords of Essex, book 1
Genre: Historical Romance 
Age Recommendation: 16 and up
Rating: 5 Stars
~ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~ 

Book Description:

“Smart and fast-paced with plenty of steam! This writing duo is a powerhouse of talent!” – New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan 

  He stole their riches, she stole his heart   The Marquess of Hawksfield’s lineage is impeccable and his title coveted, but Archer Croft is as far from his indulgent peers as he can get. His loathing for the beau monde has driven him to don a secret identity and risk everything in order to steal their riches and distribute them to the less fortunate. Lady Briannon Findlay embraces her encounter with the Masked Marauder, a gentleman thief waylaying carriages from London to Essex. The marauder has stirred Brynn’s craving for adventure, and she discovers an attraction deeper than the charming thief’s mask. Brynn is a revelation, matching Archer in intelligence, wit, and passion. Stubborn and sensuous in equal measure, she astonishes him at every turn, but when someone sinister impersonates Archer’s secret personality, and a murder is committed, Archer begins to think he doesn’t stand a fighting chance without her.

My Review:

This is one of those books that you put down and feel completely satisfied at having read it but also wondering why you don't spend all your time reading, in this case, Historical Fiction.  To say that I adored My Rogue, My Ruin would be an understatement.  The book itself is simplicity at it's finest, allowing you to slip into the world of Brynn and Archer with ease and comfort.  The historical nuances are not too overwhelming to leave you constantly looking up information about the era but not so simplistic that you wonder if you are even reading a historical novel to begin with.  The depth of character development is perfectly balanced with what the authors put the characters through and what you expect to see for their happily ever after.  The secondary characters will suck you in as easily as the Heroine and the Hero by enhancing their story.  You won't wish that you were reading the secondary charters stories while you read Archer and Briannon's but you will want those characters books in your hands as soon as possible.  

I adored Briannon and Archer individually and as a couple.  Archer has a heart of gold hidden beneath his fierce exterior.  He's lived a life of great wealth and comfort yes, but he's also lived a life that has been full of pain and disappointment.  A life he has had to secretly fight to not only keep but to better.  He, as with many of the male population of the Ton,  is far from 'pure' in thought and deed but he is also not the rake that many believe him to be or the brooding angry man he has portrayed.

Briannon is a a breath of fresh air when it comes to some historical fiction heroines.  She will as needed play by the rules of decorum and society but she plays them in her own way.  I loved that not only does she stand strong during a time period that would have women sitting idly at home with their needlepoint while they allow the world to happen around them but that she finds her own path to happiness.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely am clear on how society worked in this time period, women were not given many options and were expected to hold to a standard that would be beyond reproach and that is why I loved Briannon because she knew that.  She unlike Heroines I have read from similar books was not too timid to go against the grain or too independent and brash to go with the grain at all.  Briannon understood her situation and she understood how to work that situation to her best advantage.  

Together Briannon and Archer are a fierce team as proven in the epilogue, but I knew they would be from their interactions through out the book.  I loved their chemistry, it lights up the pages from the very beginning and keeps your heart racing even during the books more quiet and reflective moments.  

The book takes a bit of an unexpected turn at one point and I will say that I am a bit sad for it.  I had hopes of another storyline developing but I can't say that I am disappointed in what occurred.  It gave me a shock that I hadn't seen coming and I think that was the true moment that I fell in love with this story.  It was a great book to that point but then it became something different all together and well, now here we are with me gushing on profusely about my feelings.  

I am so excited for more in the Lords of Essex series, I need to know all about Lana, Gray, Brandt, who's not a Lord but still needs a story and, Langlevit, who after everything is going to need one I think.  I also am hopeful that in their stories we will get glimpses into Archer and Brynn's life again because I am truly going to miss them.  

This is just a fantastic read for any Historical Romance or plan Romance fans, perfect to read over the holidays!  


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About Amalie Howard

AMALIE HOWARD grew up on a small Caribbean island where she spent most of her childhood with her nose buried in a book or being a tomboy running around barefoot, shimmying up mango trees and dreaming of adventure. 25 countries, surfing with sharks and several tattoos later, she has traded in bungee jumping in China for writing the adventures she imagines instead. She isn’t entirely convinced which takes more guts. She is the award-winning author of several young adult novels critically acclaimed by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, VOYA, and Booklist, including Waterfell, The Almost Girl, and Alpha Goddess, a Spring 2014 Kid’s INDIE NEXT title. Her debut novel, Bloodspell, was a #1 Amazon bestseller, and the sequel, Bloodcraft, was a national silver IPPY medalist. She is also the co-author of the adult historical romance series, THE LORDS OF ESSEX. As an author of color and a proud supporter of diversity in fiction, her articles on multicultural fiction have appeared in The Portland Book Review and on the popular Diversity in YA blog. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and three children.

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About Angie Morgan

Angie is the author of several critically acclaimed young adult and middle grade books written under two other names (Page Morgan and Angie Frazier), and is now thrilled to be taking a much-anticipated leap into the world of adult romance. My Rogue, My Ruin is the first of three books in her new Lords of Essex series, co-written with good friend and fellow author, Amalie Howard. Angie lives in New Hampshire with her husband, their three daughters, and a menagerie of pets.

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