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Beyond These Walls - Review

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Author: J.L. Berg
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: JL Berg, LLC
Series: The Walls Duet, book 2
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Age Recommendation: 17 and up
Rating: 4 Stars

Book Description:

Happily ever after.

That was what we were supposed to have.

Pudding cups, sandy toes and a lifetime of making each and every one of our dreams come true—that is the future I’d promised her.

I could see it in my dreams, hold it in my hands, but then I watched as all of our hopes and wishes suddenly slipped through my fingers like sand.

I thought the worst was behind us, but what if we’d just delayed the inevitable?

They say love can overcome any obstacle. But can it survive death?

The breathtaking love story of Lailah and Jude concludes in Beyond These Walls.

 My Review:

Let's just start this out by saying grab your tissue.  If you read Within These Walls you know that this series is a tear jerker, not in a terrible sobbing mess kind of way, but in a sweet tears slowly rolling down your cheek and muddling the words kind of way....this one might be a good one to read on an e-reader so you can just wipe off all the dropped tears as you go.

I fell in love with Layla, Jude and pudding cups while reading Within These Walls, their's is a story that stays in your heart and I was absolutely beyond thrilled to see that J.L. Berg had decided to continue their romance....until I read the synopsis and then I began to panic.  She wouldn't, she couldn't!  I admit to being terrified to pick this book up because while I don't mind a sweet tear jerker I am not one to go into a book knowing it is going to rip my heart out and stomp on it. So it was with both longing and trepidation that I started to read and I can honestly say that I am so pleased I did.  Was it an emotional read?  Oh, wow, YES.  Where there moments that I wanted to shout NOOOOOOO into the dark, waking my family with not one care in the world?  YES!  Has J.L. Berg cemented this couple in my heart as one of my all time favorites? YES!  Do I think that everyone who is a romance lover should read this book?  no......Wait you know I am kidding, YES!!!

I loved seeing how Layla has grown from where we left her 2 two years ago.  She is out there making her way in the world, living the life she could only have ever dreamed of and she is getting to do it by the side of the man who taught her how to love, how to want to fight, how to live.   

Jude...sweet, adorable, kind, loving, strong, sexy....I could seriously go on and on.  Jude is the epitome of what every girl wants in a book boyfriend, he's the book boyfriend that ruins you for every other book relationship you ever have.  Mr. Darcy, I am sad to say you have a challenger!    As much as he teaches Layla how to live she has done the same for him.  She gives him a reason to keep going, gives him a purpose to live fully and to love, not just move through each day in a haze.  Their relationship is by no means easy, but it is how they choose to love one another despite the challenges that is the most beautiful part about this book.  It's a book about learning what to sacrifice and more importantly what not to.  While Within These Walls was about learning to live again, Beyond these walls is about learning to overcome the fear of living.  Of learning to enjoy every moment as they come and opening yourself up and loving with your whole heart.

J.L. Berg wraps up Layla and Jude's story beautifully and I am truly sad to see them go.  Although I am hopeful that we will be seeing bits of them again in another story.  Through out this book we have gotten glimpses of Jude's brother Roman and according to the end of this book we will be seeing him again soon.  He's quite the enigma and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing how his story plays out.

If you are a contemporary romance reader you will definitely want to read this series.  I won't promise you it is all smiles and joy because it is not, you will want your tissues, you will want a lovely cup of tea and a pudding cup, but you will leave with your heart lifted and a loving sense of peace about where you have 'been'. 



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About J.L. Berg

J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she's not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.  

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