Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fighting for Keeps- Review

Author: Seletste Delaney
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Ignite
Series: Agents of TRAIT, book 3
Genre: Romance Suspense
Age Recommendation: 18 and up
Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

He made her crazy. In every way imaginable...

Since her partner's death, Jodi Israel has been perfectly happy playing Q to everyone else's Bond. Electronics and machines are safer - and they are a lot easier to deal with. Unfortunately, she's stuck with TRAIT's newest recruit, an infuriating, arrogant alpha-male who plays by his own rules...and is hot enough to send electric voltage through all of Jodi's circuitry.

Finn Danby heeds his instincts, even though it's cost him his job on more than one occasion. The moment he sees Jodi's fiery hair and uncanny engineering abilities, Finn's instinct takes over...and it's all libido. Now they're working together to protect the unstable daughter of a high-profile politician - and the sparks are flying. Both in and out of the bedroom. But when all hell breaks loose, Jodi and Finn just may find themselves alone…and unemployed.

My Review:

After the death of her chauvinistic partner Jodi has hidden herself away in TRAITs garage, not wanting to team up with another partner, not wanting to chance going out on field assignments and loosing her partner again.  Then on a fateful day she runs into brash and stubborn Finn Danby.  

I loved these two together, their banter and chemistry was fun to read.  The one thing I had trouble with was seeing Finn as this total jerk that Jodi sees.  I loved Jodi's fire, she's feisty, bold, and just as stubborn as Finn but, she's also scared, unsure, jaded, and a bit prejudice in the case of Finn.  I feel like for a long time she doesn't ever even give him a chance.  A lot of that comes from dealing with her last partner and his attitude toward women so I get it...doesn't mean I didn't want to smack her on the back of the head a time or two, haha.  

Finn, thank goodness for a girl like Jodi who can take his ego (not chauvinism (like her last partner), I never got that from him) and keep him grounded.  He's been through a lot of the the years and carries a lot of physical and mental scares but he's honed who he is and he is not afraid to be that person even when it goes against the system.  Thankfully Jodi reigns him in and together they learn how to be a team.  

 The one thing I would have liked is maybe for the two characters to have had more time to develop on their own as well as a couple.  The author created these multi-layered characters that I would have really enjoyed digging into and learning more about so my only real complaint is that I didn't have enough time with these two.  I felt like their storyline could have been a series all on its own.  Don't get me wrong we get the completion needed to feel good about the book and where the two of them have gone, I just would have loved to have MORE.  Especially when it comes to the plot of the story...wow, the places the author could go with this.  It's almost a bit of 007 and X-men (although I would not call this a paranormal) mixed together.  I am hopeful this plot line will continue through the series so we can understand it fully. 

This is the third book in the series and to be honest I didn't even realize that until I got to the end.  You guys know how I feel about reading books out of order in a series, but this book truly is one that can be considered a stand alone with in a series.  I will definitely be going back to read the first two books, but I like that I never really felt like I was missing something like I often do if I jump into the middle of a series.  If you like suspense, action, military, romantic books you will enjoy this story.  It is a fast paced read and great for when you're having a book hangover and need a fun read to pull you through!  

At a young age, Seleste deLaney discovered the trick to not being afraid of the monsters under the bed was to turn them into heroes. Since that time, she’s seen enough of human monsters that she prefers to escape to fictional worlds where even the worst demons have to play by the rules and the good guys might end up battered and bruised (or dead), but they always win. And really, isn’t that the way it should be?

She resides in the Detroit area with all her favorite monsters (nice ones—some are furry and the others call her Mom) and is hard at work on her next book. In those rare moments when she isn’t battling terrorists, vampires, or rogue clockworks, she can be found all over the internet, where she loves to interact with readers


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