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Black Collar Queen - Excerpt and Giveaway

Thank you for joining me for an exclusive excerpt for the Black Collar Queen Blog Tour.  I am excited to share this series with you as well as an awesome giveaway!  Black Collar Queen is the second full length books in the Black Collar Syndicate series by An Latro and I am really excited to delve back into this dark world Seth and Emma are trying to survive in.  Every book is full of twists and turns and I have no doubt this will be the same. 
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He smiles, small and knowing, almost sympathetic for her sudden nervousness. He waits long enough for her to notice his lips, then says, “You tell him Seth Morgan is here to see him. I promise he'll respond.”
Then he pulls back, and smooths his gray suit coat. For good measure, he flashes a darker smirk at her. She flushes, even through her make up, and all but scrambles for her phone. In moments, she's speaking into the receiver in a tone so hushed Seth can't quite make out what she says. He doesn't need to know, or tells himself he doesn't as he forces himself not to do a quick survey of his surroundings. He can't afford to look as nervous as he is, so he keeps his eyes on the receptionist, which makes her fidget. At length, she hangs up and says, “Mr. Oliver will see you now. The elevator is through that door over there, and his office is on the third floor.”
A real smile claims Seth's lips, and he nods. “Thanks so much,” he says with a wink. She releases a tiny gasp as he turns away toward the elevator.
He spends the ride to the third floor forcing himself to be absolutely still, so that when he steps off the elevator, and comes face-to-face with security, he doesn't even flinch. He gives the two beefsteaks a cordial nod, and stops.
One of the guards says, “Excuse me sir, we're gonna need to see the contents of your pocket, and run a wand on you.”
Of course,” he says with a hint of smile. He shows them his wallet, keys, and phone, and lifts his arm so they can run the handheld metal detector over him. They seem almost wary when the thing doesn't make a sound.
Have a good day, sir,” says the guard, and Seth straightens his jacket as he passes them by. He won't let himself think on the few steps to the office door, and instead feels himself slip into instinct. The situation is not so unfamiliar, just the force with which he's dealing. The door handle is so cold when he turns it.
The office is expectedly huge, done in dark hardwood, and hosting not only Remi's big desk, but a couch, love seat, and coffee table. In-set bookshelves make up the wall behind the desk, and a minibar sits close to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Remi is sitting behind his desk, with a phone crooked between his face and shoulder when Seth enters, and Oliver is setting aside some papers into his briefcase. “I'm sorry for the short notice,” says Remi, pointedly watching Seth cross the space to stand in front of him. He says, “Yes, it's unavoidable. Yes, goodbye.”
Remi stands quickly, but for a long time, they only stare at each other. Seth is careful to make no sudden movements with his hands that could be misunderstood. He chooses to focus on that, rather than the searing rage that surges through him at the sight of his dead lover's father; also the foreign king who was in on the plot to usurp Seth and his brother. The look on Remi's face isn't quite surprise, but it's certainly one of quick calculation. Seth must keep in mind that though Remi is a mystery to him, Remi is also the enemy who knows him best – the old him. And so he can't let himself be that child. The Seth Morgan who watched most of his immediate family take bullets that killed them, the one who delivered some of those bullets himself—— Remi doesn't know that Seth at all. With the grace of saints he can't believe in, he reaches an open hand to his enemy.
Several seconds later, Remi accepts the gesture, shakes Seth's hand with a steady grip. Not too hard, Seth notes. He says, “I'm here to ask for a momentary ceasefire. I come to you unarmed. Will you talk to me?”
Remi's eyes are so dark as he searches Seth's face for any twitch of expression. Finding none, Remi's shoulders ease the slightest bit, and he says, “I will do that for you. Have a seat, Seth.”
The clattering in Seth's chest quiets a fraction, and he unbuttons his jacket as he sits. Remi strolls to the minibar, no doubt vying for time and presence. Seth follows his progress with his eyes. Remi asks, “Would you like some scotch?”
Caleb's favorite. Seth doesn't allow the wince he feels. He says, “No, thank you.”


About Black Collar Queen:  
Claiming the Morgan Syndicate was supposed to be the hardest part—but now they have to keep it. Seth Morgan has taken his place as the head of the Morgan syndicate, with his cousin Emma by his side. But the change of regime came at a heavy price: Emma’s mother is missing, and the Oliver syndicate wants Emma’s head on a platter. And there are secrets—skeletons from their parents coming to haunt them. Seth is moving pieces, struggling to keep Emma safe and peace in the city while Emma alienates her lover and grapples with her past. With threats on every side, and unable to trust their allies, Emma makes a misstep that could cost more than the syndicate is willing to pay: the life of it’s young queen.

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I loathe writing bios. So let’s play a game. One of these three are true… AN Latro lives in Ireland with her dog and cat and an over abundance of books. She loves solitude and boy bands, and hearing from readers. AN Latro lives in Florida, where the ocean is her favorite muse. She enjoys wine and tequila, and old movies about the mafia. She loves hearing from readers on Facebook and Twitter. AN Latro is the pen name of two friends. They love hearing from readers, and are usually getting into trouble with new ideas for the syndicate.

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